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Try this. When I say number reason and breathe out in between the numbers ready. Ten. Nine. A. Seven. Shakes five food. Three. Two. One. We're in space. Use your magic nation to look around at the dark dark expensive space. The shining stars are coming into focus now. Yeah. Are billions of them here. If you're lying down stretch out your arms and legs. So that you look like a star. If you're sitting put the bottoms of your feet together and hold onto them letting your knees fall to the sides and remember to sit up straight. Keep your eyes close. Keep breathing in and out. Constellations are stars at humans have grouped together to make shapes or pictures. This helps us recognize and find stars easier. And this was important because the stars how people from long ago tell time at night, and when they started to sail across oceans the stars helped them navigate the seas. And people have created stories or myths about the constellations to help explain things that happened in their daily lives. Today. We're going to explore three of these Mets about the big Dipper one from the ancient Greeks one from Hindu mythology and one from the mic MAC and indigenous group in the Canadian Atlantic provinces. Now, the big Dipper is not the constellation, but it's part of a big constellation that the Greeks called Ursa major or the great bear. Let's get on our hands and knees right now. Make sure your hands are right under your shoulders. And move your knees, right under your hips. We're going to pretend to be bears. Bears can move around on all fours or go up on their hind legs. They're back lakes. So we're going to lift ourselves up and stretch her arms up to the sky while staying on our knees, you can pretend that your hands are paused to. All right. Let's try now lift yourself up stretch up. And now slowly lower arms down again and put your hands back on the ground and under your shoulders. Let's do that again. And this time take a deep breath in now and lift yourself up and stretcher arms up towards the stars. Breathe out and come back down. Place your hands under your shoulders, again, your knees under your hips. Take a deep breath in and raise yourself up again. And now come back down. Keep going like this at your own pace, as I tell you the story of the great bear remember to breathe in as you raise yourself up like a bear on its hind legs and breathing out as you go back down to the ground. The Greek goddess hair was taking revenge on her husband's Zeus and the mating called Callisto. Hera turned Callisto into a bear. And Callisto wandered for years as the bear in the forest until one day her son Arcus found her, but he didn't know it was her mother because she was still in the bear. Foreign so Arcus was just about to use a spear against his own mother. When Zeus suddenly sent them both up into the sky and Callisto became the great bear or Ursa. Major an Arcus became the little bear or some minor. You can come back down now. And when you're ready stand. Debate dippers made up of seven stars that join up to make Dipper shape a sort of rectangle with a curved handle in ancient India, the Mahabharata one of the major epic stories tells the story of seven sages a sage was a very wise person in ancient history. The Indian myth said that these seven sages made the sunrise every day. Now that we're standing we're going to do a sun salutation or pose that shows how much we appreciate the sun, which gives us light and heat and makes life possible on earth. Take a big step forward right now with one foot. Bend into that front leg. So that your knees right on top of your ankle. But not past it. Take it. Deep breath in through your nose and breathe outs. Your mouth. Now on your next breath and raise your arms up to the sun. Face your palms towards each other and your fingers apart. Keep standing steady. Now, the rain your arms back down and step back. So that your feeder together? Now, take another step forward with your other foot. This time. Bring your knee over your ankle. But bake shirt doesn't go any further. Take it deep resin and swing your arms up. And this time look up to face your comes together and stretch out your fingers. Okay. For rain your arms back down and step your.

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