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Bend it Snohomish County More than 5000 Still homeless, P U D customers remain in the dark. Also. 300 Seattle City light customers don't have power. We still may be really from our latest No storm, but we're not done yet. Co Moh news dot com Meteorologists got cystic tells us what to expect during the next round on Sunday. It may begin as no And then you know another couple of inches late Sunday into Monday night, and then it could change over terrain. At some point that change over trying to be kind of messy. There could be carried this sleep in my view, a little period. Freezing rain. Parts of the region could see a couple more inches of snow before turning over to rain. On Sunday evening. Crews have been out all night and day clearing our snow covered Rose. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin has some advice. Don't drive unless you absolutely have to their roads. Even the ones that are cloud could be very difficult to navigate. There's more pedestrians and people out trying to enjoy the snow, and we want to keep people safe. They're dark and also asked people to shovel their sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses so people can get around. As we said Sierra Road crews have been working around the clock since the first snow fell in the City Co. Moh meteorologists Abby a Cockney reports around King County. Today we saw people struggling and sliding on streets and hills and throughout the snowstorm, Seattle police Department says they got over 600 calls for service in the last 12 hours, and many of those were welfare checks. SPD and other officials urge people to avoid driving unless absolutely necessary. Seattle City Light is concerned about wet heavy snow, possibly creating more downed power lines and outages this weekend with more precipitation on the way. That's Cuomo's Abby, a Cockney and to the Samantha's Plateau for a closer look at the conditions in the Cascade foothills. Here's Cuomo's Ric van size snow totals on the ground on the East side, especially on this ma'am ish plateau where normally you'd see quite a bit more snow on Lee 5 to 6 inches so less than many other areas, including downtown Seattle reason being it was the easterly or northeasterly winds that were so strong overnight, pushing much of the moisture to the west of the East side. However, many roads still remain unplowed. So driving is Trent. Where is the winds have settled down a little bit. Good news for sledders because with those overnight strong winds, the wind chill overnight was around 15 degrees on the east side on this manage Plateau Rick Fan sites. Comeau News. Come on, Whose time is 5 10 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. Dave Lewis has our sports action. The top ranked college basketball team in the land is still undefeated. Number one. Gonzaga Rolls San Francisco on the road, 100 to 61. Timmy let five in double figures with 28 points on 11 of 12 shooting along with 10 rebounds. Zag shot 61% of 35 for USF Huskies and you see away from Seattle. It's 11 11 in the opening period. Just getting started in Pullman, Washington State and against number 20. U. S. C. 18 t Pebble Beach, Jordan Speed a two shot lead at 13 under par after a sensational eagle from 160 Yards out on the 16th. Lastly, Tom Hoagie Russell Knox. Patrick can't lay Daniel Berger tied for second place and minus 11..

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