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Thirty seven. Hit his ass. Crying mollifying old people. This canal oh do his big wins or thirty. Four older kamamba leave andre. They you want pay retired and train and dudes man. Jay would a t. How me you came through that Cove nothing for you or what. Shit man i ain't going to say it wasn't nothing but i can't wait. You know what. I'm saying sounded like little little buddy. You know and maintain not thankfully bro. I got through it. you know. It was weird. I lost taste and all that other stuff. It was a weird experience because of that but everything else is like a flu. You know. I just kind of brought me back to when i was a kid and i got really sick but it wasn't nothing crazy To where like. I feared for my life and i like that even though at times because of all the shit that's been heard and happened in so many deaths have been attached to you. You kind of play around and you have shit it's going to be but Yeah man i made it through mid thankfully brother I got tested again. And i'm clear. I'm negative so i'm i'm good too good to be around people so i'm happy about that for my brother. Glad to hear we was worried about you First of all shoutout to jau rule. Like i said he was gonna smoke. God oh my god i smoke. That was bad but I don't think it's ever bad putting a great mind in your camp. It can't hurt you. I don't give a fuck who you are. If you put nacho beristain and cap or floyd mayweather senior or even floyd mayweather or any great mind inger cap that can never hurt you. I'll put andre ward as one of those great minds we've seen on. Jay ward be a master's If anything can come up with a strategy and stick to it you know he beat the crusher when he was the crusher and Andre war sticks to a game plan. I think he makes good strategies. And it's gonna only benefit k. Look one thing. I'm interested to see with camilla plant and porter crawford i wanna see what fight does the bigger pay per view numbers and how that will change perception. You know you got to black fighters here kind of going head to head with the with the big dog Who who's who's the cash cow boxing. I i'm wondering why bob wouldn't have this fight like atlanta or something like that update you you bring down your gate. What go and porter crawford. Why wouldn't that be enlightened atlanta or being in vegas well ticket prices are cheaper neither of the guys major fan base. I mean. I don't think sean has a big fan base. Necessarily as far as people come into a game. I think got a big gate crowd especially in omaha burner. Porta was in vegas bra and it was not a failure. Okay all right But i gotta blame bob and blame crawford. Pbc fight as they don't they haven't been failing you know people call me eight or biased. But i mean show me their failure like quarter porter already for boehner in las vegas. They'd already rohner. Was you know. Brunner was a top name at that time. The sports so that that's a new ones. But i'm wondering. How many seats is that men mandalay bay theater or arena whatever. That is what maybe twenty k. If you know what. I mean and then the seat price is going to be astronomical. I think it'd be better business for for every all parties involved if that were somewhere like baltimore or Nebraska orlando or something like that but and what do i knew cedar mandalay bay theater. Twelve fucking thousand dollars so that you know that's gonna make the prices of the seats even higher so i'm looking to get into the fight. I'm looking to spin like tops to fifty four ticket. I'm gonna see where that get me. But if that's you got me at the back of the shipment keep my two fifty dollars for two fifty. You should elise be able to get somewhere in the middle dessaint necessarily camello triple g or nothing like that. But we'll see man. That's my call.

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