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Essential Indiana He's the man for all seasons visit champion heating dunk. I met Bear with traffic on the fires. Father was on Twitter at W ibc Tread. Marcus barely wish TV meteorologist. What are you doing, fool? Hey, Tony. Welcome back, my friend. Good to hear from you. Beautiful day today, sunshine and it's going to be less muggy as we roll through this work week. It's gonna be a warm one. Today, though, will finish with a high of around 86 this afternoon. Tonight, mostly clear it will be a bit cooler overnight. I'll tell you what. It should be pretty comfortable as well, though down to 60, and then it shakes out to be pretty nice to the mid week Tuesday Sunny skies a high of 79 Wednesday sunny with highs in the upper seventies Thursday, mostly sunny with a high of 83. We won't see another chance of rain until Friday at the end of the week. That is Marcus. Barely who missed me? I didn't. I didn't know. Wow. Did Not. I kind of kind of shocked. I got nothing to say. Look at me with me Tongue tied by Marcus Bailey, Who would have guessed Nummi. Not me. 61 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather center. The time is six. Oh, six. So maybe it is time we took a look at this inflation and asked ourselves exactly what's going to happen next. Exactly how bad is this going to be?.

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