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This is the news in brief from United Nations, we need to dramatically accelerate our efforts if we don't want to fall further behind in distrust against rising, inequality and other global challenges. The UN secretary general said on Wednesday speaking to investigators from around the world in New York in this fast-changing worlds, standing still means falling further behind and on seek. He twenty percents challenges we need to dramatically accelerate our efforts in twenty nine thousand nine quite simply we must put our pedal to the metal and tiny will tell presented his top five priorities for two thousand nineteen diplomacy for peace ambitious climate action acceleration towards the sustainable development goals or SDG's better governance over new technologies in stronger, UN values worldwide D went she called for deeper efforts to show that we understand people's anxieties fears and concerns into address the root causes that lead people to feel marooned. In our rapidly changing world, here's missile cocktails again across these work across the world. What really matters is people we the peoples and what guys says he's a set of values. Universal values of the United Nations. Charter that Baynes us together, peace Justice, human, dignity, tolerance and solidarity today. Those values are under attack around the globe. Many countries are failing to protect and promote the interest of all their people UN's High Commissioner for human rights said on Wednesday in a special meeting of Human Rights Council in Geneva to review progress on achieving the seventeen SDG's by twenty thirty Michelle Basch lane sister that overall we are not on track to meet its ambitious aims the twenty thirty agenda is a commitment to achieve greater international cooperation for more equitable international order, but above all is a promise. Extended to people previously locked out of development. The marginalized this empower excluded communities, the millions of women children and youth racial religious and case minorities indigenous people migrants persons with disabilities Roma and the poor. It miss specially side, one of her predecessors UN rights chief Mary Robinson echoed the need to address widening inequalities insisting that wealth and opportunities were increasingly concentrating in the hands of the few. She added that such Equality's create winners and losers serving to catalyze, social unrest. Deepen divides increase in a for beer, all major concerns for the realization of rights in staying with you when you mean rights office, or which H R it warned on Wednesday that at least eight hundred ninety people were reportedly killed in western Dubuque Rettig Republic of the Congo last month. Human rights reports suggest that the massacre happened between sixteen and eighteen December in four villages in the territory my endorse. Dominate province in what appear to have been clashes between the Banu in baton communities in a statement UN rights chief condemned the shocking violence in highlighted the importance of investigating in bringing the perpetrators to Justice. Michelle Basch Lee added that it is essential to ensure Justice for the victims of these Riddick attacks. But also to prevent new episodes of intercommunal strife into address the anger in feelings of gross injustice that may otherwise lead to repeated cycles of violence between communities and U N news.

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