Justice Ginsburg, Supreme Court, Ivanka Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Late this week. I'm Jamie Dupri in Washington. Speaking by telephone this morning on Fox News, President Trump said his Supreme Court nomination will come after them. Auriol Services for Justice. Ginsburg respect We should wait till the service is over for Justice Ginsburg and so we're looking probably a Friday or maybe Saturday that would come just ahead of next Tuesday's first presidential debate, The Supreme Court today announced his Ginsberg's body will lie in states at the U. S Capital on Friday. She'll be the first woman ever to have that honor to be bear than alongside her husband. At Arlington National Cemetery early next week. Attorney General Bill Bar today announcing more than $100 million in federal grants to help combat human trafficking in this country, spoke at a round table here in Atlanta and said the funding will help law enforcers and support services for victims. Aside from financial support, the Justice Department will continue to use the full force of the law. And our enforcement resource is to investigate, prosecute and punish the people behind this criminal scourge. Senior presidential advisor and daughter Ivanka Trump governor and Mrs Camp also part of this event, along with Tim Tebow, was there today to newer three update on the collapse of an under construction parking deck in midtown, which left more than a half dozen workers injured. There are still More questions than answers about the 3000 space parking garage for Emory Hospital is on hold while experts from the city OSHA subcontractor Metro Mon and Third Party forensic and Structural engineers search for what caused two collapses in two days. Jason with Soco with bets and cook Construction tells me currently we have a stop work order in place, so there's no further construction is happening right now. What we're doing is Trying to figure out what happened and find a safe path to move forward. And Atlanta fire spokesman says a construction problem not a faulty design was to blame for the first collapse of a concrete column on the 11th floor. Veronica Waters 95.5 ws WSB news time 303 Way.

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