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He was sitting right there in the draft that thon draft room with all of us just as jalen hurts selected. Nears this poor kid in his second year like you know. Everyone's just heaping abuse on him about. What's going on with your quarterback you know and he he handled it like a pro because we were just having fun. A lot of it was tongue in. Cheek. Is You know he was great man. He's that kids stud him. I know he and he did so well last year. So but that said did you did you call Carson. I mean understand again that you you still picked up the phone and gave them a heads up that. Hey we're about to take Jalen. Did that happen with you? Know I spoke to him earlier that day and you know really the day before and throughout the off season just kind of telling him what was going on and I told him that depending on how the board went that it was a possibility and and Carson's unbelievable team guy I mean he he wants what's best for the team. Now listen I understand you know I. I'm sure everyone sitting there and want what's best for the moment but that's not really our job. Our job is to protect the organization. Protect the team for the long term. And and when you look at at that position I in all of sports man. It's gotta be the most important position in all sports and Dion Sanders in the draft. A Thon live rumors just having fun saying how come. They're the only position on the field. That can't have competition. You like I I I. I'm a corner but I'm not allowed to be upset if somebody's going to being drafted my position as a matter of fact. I'm I'm supposed to compete with this person and on top of that. I'm supposed to tutor the youngster. But the quarterbacks not supposed to I mean like that well there's no competition Carson Wentz Quarterback I WANNA be clear with that. You know it's about having strongroom. It's about making sure that all of us Are are having guys on our team who can come in and play. I mean you know you look at it last year and you can see it when we look about kind of I short period of time. You know You know we had an opportunity and Too much respect for Josh mccown as a player in person. But obviously you know we're in a playoff game with our backup quarterback and he looked the saints this past year and they go five and bridgewater and the chiefs have homes go down and had to get through three games and went to one and got home field advantage so you know and how important that is so i. It's just us you know. What would you pay for that if you had to do it? And and you know someone told me this guy who is incredibly successful on Wall Street. And he said you know when you hedge you pay for that and everyone doesn't want to pay for expensive insurance until you need it higher roseman executive. Vp and general manager of the Eagles. Here with me for a few more minutes on the rich Eisen show so much made of the virtual draft Howie And now it's done and it. It seemed to go without a hitch. Did were there. Fewer trades in your estimation or or less activity because of it this year. Do you think I would've said that After Thursday night Maybe would have even said that after Friday night but man Saturday picked up into gear and I felt like it was rolling like nothing else and the reality of it is like we're talking to these jams on their phone anyway. There's no difference so I didn't think that that was a big part of it and and you know it's special. Yeah I know what you got a big family. I got a big family and I've never been able to share. You Know I. I've never even watched an eagles game with my kids. If you can believe that you know I don't sit them during games. I watch the games with them owners road and so to be able to experience this with them it was special special is experienced that none of us will ever forget. I know a lot of a lot of Evaluators are saying that so in that in that. The format was also more enjoyable. I guess for people to watch because there seemed to be more of a flow Would you WANNA do it again? Then what do you think if the League wants to be there? No I know needs to be the poster boy for giving my opinion on what we're doing that okay. I mean I guess it does. There is a an because again i. I enjoy doing what I did and then I was able to put my kids to sleep. Like my commute was the stairs. You know what I'm saying. Like my commute was the stairs to and Again you know I. It was fun. it was fun to be able to kind of walk out in between picks and it was also. I think it was for my kids to be able to see how that worked for us and to see how we're kind of juggling everything and to Kind of appreciate why. Dad's not home a lot. I I think that this whole kind of process about how we're working through it. It's given us all perspective on kind of balance work home life balance and you know maybe maybe facetime maybe guarding guarding your desk. Which we all do to some levels you know. I don't WANNA go You know I got all these people in here and at the same time though I. I miss the people in our building. I miss the people that we work every day too. So it's a balance. So is there any truth to the rumor that You drafted Shawn Bradley in the sixth round. Because your kids just saw Space Jam no jet gather that that that they saw space jam and they just thought you should draft Shawn Bradley. And that's why you did it. Is that a true story. Okay True Star okay very good. I like it different spelling but I guess it just having another Shawn Bradley back in Philadelphia. That makes sense even though he's already they handle and now my my kids for some reason you know. I I They the Manute Bol. You know my little boys. I I got a year old and a six year old. And they're like obsessed with like look Aminu Bowls 'cause Bobole like I said once them I said you gotta see that and now they they watch like how like the Manute Bol and amazing thing man. It really is Hey how he thinks the time really appreciate it. Travel safe everyone and look forward to keeping in touch right back at you that's Howie Roseman. Vp and GM The Philadelphia Eagles. Here on the rich Eisen show. I'll just there's a lot to unpack from this and also.

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