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California, Steve, CEO discussed on Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast


Young entre preneurs for schools retirees it's pont volunteerism but mostly it's mental ship one of our volunteers in southern california made a comment that is entire career he is loved the business of business and as he retired score was the perfect venue to be able to join where he could still learn still keep his relevancy up and make an impact in the business of business steve records is the vice president of field operations at school he interacts with both sides of schools busin the young entrepreneurs i'm the experienced old mental 's steve manages a group of eleven thousand volunteers many well into retirement and if there's one thing steve has learned from his volunteers is that there's only so much gulf anyone can play in those first maybe year or two after retirement they are spending a lot of time on a cruise or a vacation or a golf course and there's a point in time where it hits them that they've got another thirty years of retirement and they need to be more active and engaged into something more meaningful than just improving their handicap steve has to consider the needs and desires as members of this older generation restructure that rolls seeing themselves notice bosses or ceo's but his mental that means using not just that hard one business expertise but their emotional intelligence and empathy to being an entrepreneur and being a small business owner is a lonely job i personally believe that asking for help especially asking for help in your businesses a very brave thing when in business owners tone.

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