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Me Bill I'm Bill Curtis and here is your host at the Echoes Theater in Salt Lake City Utah aw thank you saw you got a great show for you today later on It'd be talking to pioneering biologist Malini at Kearney but first this week we are celebrating the broadcast of our one thousand show so anyway we'll all liberal arts majors with bad at math this is a big deal nobody gets to do a thousand was except of course soap operas so it's only appropriate that this week I revealed that I am pregnant with bill baby this man's going to have an anchor baby the next plot to us we want of course surprised call from you the number is one triple eight that's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four let's welcome our first listener contested hi you're on wait wait don't tell me hi this is amy listen in Washington DC Hey Washington dc what a terrible horrible place on the other hand you must be pretty excited about your baseball team ah wait a minute wait wait wait wait wait that was a very unexcited well sure are you are you not particularly a nationals fan I am now I guess you kind of have to be just by peer pressure amy let me introduce you to our panel this week I meet a humorous and author most recently of room for Pi it's Roy blunt junior senior features writer for the style section of the Washington Post your hometown paper accent Roberts finally a writer for the upcoming season of at home with Amy Sedaris it's Peter Gross you're going to play who's bill this time Bill Curtis is going to read you three quotations from the week's news if you can correctly identify or explain to other Um you will win a prize any voice from our show you might choose on your voicemail you're ready to play I feel like I should say yeah good feel I think you correct that would appropriate response all right here's your first quote it's a headline from this week tiff with shift that was L. Magazine describing the scene when the storm the classified Congressional hearing Oh that would be Florida Man Matt Gate and his forty friends a bunch of House Republicans this week the Republicans finally came up with the response to the growing evidence that the president is as the founders said in the federalist papers super guilty one day after damning testimony from the Acting Ambassador to Ukraine a bunch of Republican members stormed the impeachment hearing led by Matt Gaetz Republican of Delta House there's really and I gotta say this there's nothing more stirring than a bunch of powerful white men shouting about the violation of their rights because they don't immediately get everything they want the green makes the heart beat a little faster my right they had to do it approved they weren't human scum except except about a third of that group had privileges to be inside those airings exactly right they were Republicans who were part of the committees and they therefore had the right to be in their dozen people outside the hearing demanding to be into the hearing who could have just walked into the here and now these guys that would be like if like mystery name Desire Stanley's like style lodge is like you have a key in you're not locked out man we're maybe it's Stanley you're in our bedroom they stormed in I thought they were going to storm in and then take all the videos and then turn around and be like the Democrats are letting people into this private room letting them videotapes up their phones these away it was a classic thing to do now what happened to maybe bring this home was that the day before the ambassador to Ukraine had testified that the president withheld aid to Ukraine in demand ended they investigate Joe Biden before he released it now even though the White House is still claiming the president is innocent trump and his allies clearly believe it is not a quid oh quo unless you actually say the words this is a quid pro quo and that makes sense because the law says that when murder someone it's not a crime unless you say this is a murder as you stack that's why at the end of the show we say this is NPR. authorize anything never know we can feel like an adult contemporary station amy your next quote is someone responding to the question are you peered electro the WHO admitted can his patented down to Earth Style to being Pierre Delicto that'd be Rahm did Mitt Romney somebody here you talk and explain can just unpacked to ask you of course Mitt Romney senator from the Great State of Utah he admitted that he had this fake twitter account under the name Pierre Delicto now if you've ever wondered what lies beneath the placid G. rated exterior You're of Senator Romney the man who once said quote my favorite meat is hot dog wondered what deep dark secrets like divulge if he had the shield of anonymity well as his alter ego your delectable Romney sometime suggested that other people might be a mistake can question of course which is a weirder name Pierre delectable or Mitt Romney yeah on me sounds like the name of the fake name that somebody with an interesting name like peered elected to throw people off but deluxe so I kind of thought well this is going to be kind of his sexy swaggering hidden hidden met right and instead I was so disappointed it'd because it wasn't sexy and I felt bad for him I didn't think that he set himself up for something really spicy that he just he like we have hot sauce here and he was like I'll have the mild they should we should we should we be happy is as wholesome as he is I guess it's I mean it would in a weird way although it's kind of disappointing that he's just as bland in it is he is in public it would be worse to find out like he's just as awful as the rest of us right and I think like somebody like Mike Pence pretends that he's end but that is a dark evil person and I take that Mitt Romney is like I have a deep dark secret it's very similar to and that is enduring that's an endearing quality basically what he did was he created a fake twitter account and then use it just to defend his own in public actions that's like creating a fake tinder profile just a hit on your own wife in a strange way this allows his wife to make history and Romney is now the first Mormon with two husbands all right here is your last quote amy I would swipe ripe for her that was a comment on Washington Post article about Francis Strangely sexy logo for what sporting event that's coming in two thousand twenty four v Olympics yet Paris is hosting twenty twenty four Olympics and they just revealed their logo for it and it's being criticized for being too sexy and not just because it's smoking got was and writing poetry locate noting in American logo the logo is a version of the French national symbol a woman named Marianne and it's combined with the Olympic flame but instead of an expression of national pride most people see incredibly sexy woman's face it looks like an icon on for a dating APP now the logos designers defend it saying that she quote reflects the unique energy of the Games and they assured everyone that is sexy is it might be it's better than their first attempt the Eiffel Tower proudly rising from an Olympic ring in either side the rest of the world just need to catch up to how sexy Francis like are we are they right and we're all a bunch of puritans or are they like the Heathens are just kind of late I'll bet Mitt Romney went to France once and that's where he got that he locked it away and he's like one day they'll be something called twitter and I will release this name the bill today me do in our quiz lately did great dead and so will the nationals congratulations Reynaud panel it is time for you to answer some questions about this week's News Roxanne Yes sir paper published this week describes the unique making tactic of the White Belt Bird of Brazil scientists say that the male of the species seduces the females by doing what I believe it's screaming that's exactly right it's creams and the female face male white birds are the world's loudest bird in their mating ritual include coming up next to the ladies taking a depressant and then screaming their lungs it's always heartening about a species that does worse than ours yeah although maybe if you're not getting lucky you can take this bird is your model forget do you come here often and go for office Eh male scientists by the way say this is a highly unusual tactic among mating rituals women scientists said no but remember the reason they do this is because it works that's how sexual selection works females pick the loudest voices the females are like you had me at law.

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