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I'm not going to tell you what I'm having for dinner tonight because you're really gonna be mad at me. Ah, the Texans are screwing things up for themselves. Romeo Crennel takes over. And the Texans are winning in the Texans look halfway competent and the Texans look halfway competitive. So not only did you have a year where you had the opportunity to be able to go and get a great draft pick and be able to maneuver yourself like that. You're winning a bunch of meaningless games. And more importantly, you're making it harder and harder to not say. Maybe Romeo Crennel needs to stay. Look, we all know the answer to this right? We've seen Romeo Crennel. We've seen the head coach Romeo Crennel. And we know if you're being honest, and you can be honest with me, we know that Romeo Cornell is not the answer. For dish on Watson's career and everything else moving forward. That's not the right answer. But This is what happens with teams. I watched it the last couple years. How much of a disaster are the Atlanta Falcons and that organization? I watched the Atlanta Falcons. Start out two and six and 17. Two years in a row, and they retained their head coach. Dan Quinn got his job back when he won a bunch of meaningless games when the season had already been set a fire It was an inferno. They want a bunch of meaningless games. And they bluffed themselves into thinking we're not that far off. What we were in the second half of the season is what we can be. Houston taxes. You can't Just make sure you don't fall for this. I saw Dan Orlovsky. Good man. Dan Orlovsky speculating on social media. That boy get Eric the enemy in there fast. Get him in there fast. Going to be a great situation form in Houston and I'm saying As they would in Wayne's world. Speak to say what? Huh? What What? That make any sense, Eric the enemy. Should And I believe you will have an opportunity to pick, choose and refuse on head coaching jobs. Why in the world would Eric the enemy picked the Houston Texans who will not be one of the Most attractive jobs out there. Why would he do it? Why in the world would he do it? Doesn't make any sense. Let's say he went to Jacksonville. In a roster with young talent. Tons of cap space. And a potential to draft off franchise quarterback than he could mold from day one. Or he goes to the Jets. Goes to a roster. We'll have a lot of cap space. He may have Trevor Laurence, same type of situation. And he can build a franchise and build everything in his in his vision. Those air to jobs that are gonna be open. That are better than the Houston Texans job because the Houston Texans their draft capital is way down there. Sarah Cap situation sucks. And it's not among one of the most attractive jobs out there. And there will be others. They're gonna be available. You think Cincinnati might not be shopping for a new head coach? And now you've seen Joe broken play. Is that.

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