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Been a fractured bickering clubhouse with his leadership energy in constant pranks and then in two thousand nine at safeco field. In fact. June twenty third at safeco field griffey hit the five thousandth homerun in franchise history off san pitcher chad. Garlan garden sees me. The this was griffey. Six hundred nineteen th career. Home run on september. First griffey hit career home. Runs six twenty one at the new yankee stadium off andy pettitte of the yankees in the sixth inning. Mark the forty four different ballpark in which he had homered on august twelfth two thousand and nine against his former team. The chicago white sox he an rbi single in the bottom the fourteenth inning to win the game one did nothing for the mariners returned to the clubhouse for the two thousand and ten campaign with a similar contract to that of two thousand nine but struggled offensively for the first two months of the season posting a one eighty four batting average. On april. twenty-seventh griffey past. Andre dawson for forty fifth on the career hit list on may twenty two thousand and ten in a game against the toronto blue jays. Griffey hit an rbi. Single off of blue jays. Closer kevin gregg to win the game. Four three four the mariners after starting the ninth inning trailing three two one. The mariners rallied in the bottom and the night close to load the bases on two singles. A walk then tie the game the a walk and a sacrifice fly the walk off single and was the final. Hit an rbi of griffey's major league career and have moved impasse rafael palmeiro to fourteenth on the all time list. Inmates may two thousand and tan mariners manager. Doug wakamatsu may a decision to significantly limit. Griffey's playing time due to his ongoing poor performance on may tenth two thousand and ten beat writer. Larry lower the ru reported that walker. Matsu had not used griffey in a pinch hitting situation the prior week with two players stating that lineup. That griffey had been asleep. National media quickly covered the incident. Doug that nap gate in the ensuing days teammate. Mike we challenged anyone who said griffey was asleep quote. Stand up and fight me end quote with denying griffey. Griffey had been asleep however griffey did not deny it. Griffey's agent started stated lures initial report had been posted in error and that laura had asked his employers to remove it which they both refused in the aftermath of this report was report was boycotted by players on june second. Two thousand and ten. The clubhouse was still in turmoil. Griffey left the mariners. After the second game of a four game series against the minnesota twins leaving in the middle of the night for a cross country drive to his home in florida. He released a statement through his organization announcing his retirement effective immediately mariners president marriage president chuck armstrong was only made aware of this by griffey's agent a few hours before game time. The next day griffey then called from the road to confirm it. His retirement was announced at safeco field before the the mariners played the twins in an interview on march seventeenth. Two thousand eleven griffey stated that he had retired to avoid being a distraction to the team and that was that was him. That was him as a player he ends a he ends as one of the best players in baseball history. He is a flam. Flam trappist Doing several years supporting several causes including the boys and girls scouts of america several children's hospitals across the united states and is an honorary chairman co chairman of the ao p a foundation hat in ring society a charitable organization that promotes aviation safety education He's made a couple of episodes of like as himself in some film and television series but he also did have a suicide attempt at the age of eighteen. And because of that i will be putting the number and website description of the suicide hotline And if you are having any any issues with that. I strongly encourage you to reach out. i know everybody if like our jams are open on twitter at gnc underscore baseball Mighty ends are open at patrick k. e. n. e. y. four And if you are feeling that you need somebody to listen to please please understand that. I end everyone at gmc organization absolutely as time for you so with that we will be ending this segment. Griffey was one of the greatest players of all time. He ends his career with a six hundred and thirty home runs. Eighteen hundred thirty six twenty seven and eighty one hits and eight to eighty four batting average. He's fifty one. He has a few kids and he is enjoying living life as one of the former greatest players of all time and we will be back in just a second with the next segment of today's episode of the gmc baseball.

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