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Even even though. I've heard this on and off since i found out that you were the author of girl you knows but in preparing for this interview and listen to it about a good three times. That was a well crafted song. Thank you now. This is the other thing Everyone knows about my soul train addiction. And i happen to be watching an eighty six episode of a soul train would star point and don and then we're talking about you know they were just making a big thing of maryland in baltimore and everything like you guys. The biggest thing that come out. They didn't yeah. You know what i mean. They were embarrassing. Like yeah you know. We can't even walk. In the malls we all people as von and at the end of the interview. They were like yeah. We we want to develop more acts and everything by. They really played it like they were the bell the ball of of baltimore area innate and i mean they had object bad hit. I think they were next year. And he wants my body or what was the join with teddy riley. The want you. Can't i tell you producer age but my point was that like were there being as though they were the the biggest act of the eighties were they approved a presence at all in in were they at all year radar like during that time period. So you you wanna hear the craziest thing. There's a guy and stop pointing chi chi did do i love you. Wait seriously.

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