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Different. Small cultures witnessed like I know in england. You have a different Action every meal you go and we have someone there in the month like everybody is a bit different and you have a little small subcultures within the country and if you go in the north it's totally different kinds of people than themselves so you know and we note that big so that says a lot and how long is the netherlands. Dinner at his. Pardon my ignorance about this. But i'm wondering if the netherlands was part of this section of the world. Where when you read about when you read about european history and to be fair. It's not something. I'm an authority on. But i am a nerd. Who soaks up information. One of the things. That i'm always shocked. I is that when you look at the parts of europe that are now germany austria. It wasn't all that long ago that those were actually like thirty. Different little mini kingdoms. That all kind of just interacted with each other like they were completely defined cultures that shared a lot but were different like these. Yeah like had been like a like a lot of like. It was a little kings and like trading around countries for allowing and there attorneys. No sort of thing. I think i think you so jury. We are from the fifteenth century. And i know. I became a republic like we were the first republican neural Before we became like a and we became a mother again which is an interesting thing. So yeah we at some point we were i. We're we're to. The net are lending so we we were together with belgium and At some point names but where we were different like duchesses so to pro fences were like different Like different regions Woods of rule and every pro friends and like an and and A few of them were also in belgium. And we together we're like dinner and then at some point Like one no solvent wanted to follow this ruler and the other ones didn't want to date at that's the do which purchased purchase like being purchased in catholic and i know the details and know. Well that's that's one of the things about europe as you hear a lot of that if like this country you've heard of used to be called this and it was actually part of this other country that you've heard now of that name but the name actually meant something different back then than it means now as far as who was involved in all kinds of blends together in this way that's like a really beautiful and also so confusing. I think to the american eilly you hear about like. Oh well if you go to this. One section of france like historically. That was kind a part of germany and the speak this language there where everybody speaks french german but then there's also kind of this hybrid. Lying starts here this stuff really quite what we how many languages did not go to the supermarket in this part of the world. What and like you use you. Hear about the country's now and they're so there's like a part of germany bahauddin. I forgot what the the like. There's a part of germany. wants to be independent. And there's a part of spain at wants to be independent from the rest of spain like still used re going on the country's not being totally united and like feeling different because the history and those kinds of things and everything happening with the united kingdom is having such an impact now on all of europe. And then that dr when they put out to vote for brexit. I was no pair. Yeah it's child. Two six year old child. I looked officer he cried. It was a sad day. Who boy. But i guess that is fascinating to think about right. We see i think. It's catalonia and spain right or no Catalan yeah i think to break off. I forget i'm being ignorant now. And then the uk's breaking up and that it is so momentous from european history a feel like a lot of everybody. There grows up reading history books. Really you know this is just how it's been happening for forever. Everybody shifts and merges separate. It's it's true it's different when it happens to you and we we've grown up in relatively like a good age where it was like. It's peaceful for for the most amounts and so the things are shocking. But on the other hand. I both my grandpa. Brands have has like fault into wars. Still and it's yeah. It's easy to forget. How can how how movable the world isn't how things can go wrong and those kinds things now. We're twenty minutes into the call and i'm fascinated and hearing about sort of the inner workings of country that a lot of it is it is it must be weird for you to realize as a resident of netherlands. How i don't know if it's the rest of the world just a lot of the liberal the liberals in the states kind of put your country on this pedestal and it's it's cool to hear like well. It's actually more layers to it than that. I do have to ask at least quickly what. Yeah what are the folks in the netherlands thinking about my country lately you can be honest..

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