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Says the they are than it is absolutely worthy of having a special session for the fact that he is so adamantly opposed to it tells you how the lack of seriousness that he has because dayton has fourteen days in which to act on the bills headed to his desk the final outcome will stay cloudy as the governor considers his options but he repeated repeated vows to veto the tax bill and the hefty spending and policy bill which together comprise much of the major work product of lawmakers in dayton's final legislative session good good good luck sense from the washington post former education secretary arne duncan pub pushed a radical idea on twitter that parents should pull their children out of school until elected officials pass stricter gun control laws let's just you know what i'll take it even further let's just disband the entire public education system federal level and and put it all back in charge of local communities and in local jurisdictions i'm on board boards just take it even further i'm on board t know that most schools are pretty much wrapping up now i mean i am totally on board with address i think it's a fantastic idea let's just get rid of the department of education that we can solve this problem there you go until this problem is solved is still the yes the first week in june let's boycott school for three months so this is ridiculous is tweet came hours after the shooting rampage at a houston area high school on friday that killed ten people which you mentioned earlier in the five that was a mass shooting that came just three months after seventeen students and staffers were slain at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida when peter cunningham a former former education department employees tweeted that it may be time for parents to pull their children out of school until gun laws are changed dunkin the education secretary under obama responded that his family quote is in wow he tweeted this is brilliant and tragically necessary what if no children went to school until gun laws change to keep them safe my family is all in if we can do this at scale parents will you please join us on this is a and this is a this is.

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