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Seaside holiday. Now, there's a new film adaptation directed by Robertson. It features an an Samba cast lead by Anne, hathaway and Octavia Spencer. Here's Justin's review. Role Dolls nineteen eighty three novel the witches takes place in a world where which is really exist the don't wear pointy hats or fly around on broomsticks instead they walk among us. Disguised as ordinary women but wielding extraordinary magical powers which they use to wipe out young children, their greatest enemies it's been my favorite doll story since I read it as a kid and the nineteen ninety movie adaptation directed by the Great Nicholas Roeg is about as creepy and captivating film as it could have inspired, it starred Anjelica Huston in one of her most delicious performances as the all powerful grand high witch she was vampy imperious and diabolically unhinged. and. So with their new adaptation of the witches, the director Robert Zemeckis and his star Anne hathaway clearly have big shoes to fill. But even with a few intriguing narrative liberties, the movie is ultimately a flat un-imaginative retread of doll story with moments of arch comedy that proved distancing rather than -veloping and while hathaway throws herself into the role of the grand high witch with obvious relish, she often seems to be straining for effect even adopting a Pan European accent that sounds like a cross between Greta Garbo and the villainous Natasha from Rocky and bowl winkle. Something seems off even in this early scene in which she and her coven of witches arrive at a seaside hotel. For their annual convention, they're pretending to be a children's charity and the Grand High Witch petting her black cat has a question for the manager played by Stanley Tucci. I. Know You love Kiedis. tink of. My there would never be an. IFT. I. Would call the exterminator. Exactly. You're saying. He would call the exterminator just like any normal human head screwed on right? He would exterminate source brats. Rats. We would exterminate the rats. There's a reason. The grand high witch is so interested in rodents. She's devised a scheme to transform the children of the world into mice..

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