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And Steve on my talk one of 71 Everything Entertainment Donna Valentine and Steve Patterson, along with producer Don McLean. I am like mesmerized by this video that Kat von D. Posted recently on Instagram. Can't Fundy of AH think. Yes, Fame very, very interesting. She's opening up about her experience at the Provo Canyon School in Utah, the same school that Paris Hilton speaks about in her documentary. This is various Wow, This is really disturbing and to think that these women have been living with this story. For so long and not saying and listen to how tragic this is, Um not she. She does drop a couple of F bombs, so I'm not going to play the audio, but She said that she watched the Paris Hilton documentary. And she said it gave her the courage to speak about her own experience, which was very similar, she said. I don't even want to call this place a school. She's like It's more like a lock down facility. She was 15 years old. On people came into her room in the middle of the night. They took her in a car. They blindfolded her. Somehow she ends up in Utah somewhere. She's never been in her whole life. She spent six months there. She spent her 16th birthday. There. They strip search her. When she got there, They shaved her head. And she said, basically, her parents had signed away her right to the facility for that time. And she said, You know, she doesn't falter parents with it because They They weren't Americanized. I'm not sure what her nationality is. I'm not sure where her parents are originally from, she said, but I think they thought they were doing the right thing. And they saw this as a facility to rehabilitate teens. And she wasn't going to school. She was tattooing. And they didn't like that. You know, she just wanted to get start her business. Sure, but you know, she was a you know, a teenager. And she said, You know, there was no way out of there because there were hardly any windows. There was nothing outside but Woods so even if you could break out of there, where would you go? You don't know where you are. You're in a foreign state. And she goes on to talk about like the verbal, physical, sometimes sexual abuse that happened at this facility. And she said, But then she goes on to say, you know, I don't I don't feel emotional when I talk about it because I feel like I've gotten past that. But he says she does feel anger. And she can't believe that this place is still in business. Even though it has changed hands, You know, ownership easy way to just dismiss yourself from all responsibility. Yeah, well, listen to this. She said that they would play like these mind games with you and a counselor. I Took her into her office and told her that she had contracted HIV. And that it was because of tattooing. Oh my God. It wasn't true, but she didn't know at the time. That's the kind of stuff that they did. And she said these were the most traumatic six months of my entire life. It has someone like has a news outlet done. An investigative story on the probably will Now I bet what's going to happen is like the New York Times or some publication is going to do. You know something, And then it'll one thing will lead to another. I hope like it did with Nexium. Scientology a little bit So, Yeah, it's just a crazy story. I link this up for everybody. If you want to watch, it's about 24 minutes long. Kat von D talking about her experience at that on quote unquote boarding school, which is called What did I say? It was called the Provo something something something something like that? Yeah, it was exactly that, but completely different. It's called the Provo Canyon School in Utah. Yeah, she ended up leaving with PTSD. She needed counseling. Morse. Ah, man, that is just it's heavy. I mean, just to tell a kid That they, you know, lie to them about something so serious? Yeah, You've contracted HIV to probably turn her off from tattooing right? They saw it as something that was evil or bad. My daughter's a tattoo artist and I'm sure she would. It's an art. Oh, yeah, No, it's it's creative, like instead of her parents, seeing it for you know the creative talents that it actually was. They saw it as she's being bad. And she said that what happens is you you contact the school as parents and you tell them what your problem what the issues are that you're having with your Children, and then they develop an individualized Program is expensive, too. I bet your writing and you know, I just I think it's great that she's talking about it and hopefully more and more people will come out and talk about their experience so that it does lead, Teo. I'm You know, some kind of Legal Gram of case right and others. I'm sure there are other schools like this. That are these hard core programs that teens or troubled. They're putting them in, like a lock down type situation, right. Did you guys see that movie with, um Nicole Kidman and Oh, Lucas Hedges. I think his name is and it's basically about the on Oh, my gosh. What? What do you call it when it's a program for People who think they're gay or who are gay. Excuse me on and they were trying to rehabilitate them. It's a really, really eye opening intense movie, but anyway sorry, Stephen, I'm willing to talk about all this heavy stuff. Well, no. You know what? I was thinking that you mentioned like them playing that trick on Kat von D. I don't even like it when parents pull a prank on their kids. I hate that because for me and the video it it rings this like emotional manipulation. Yes, that and I don't think that all the parents are like coming from a nil place. But ring's not good for me and on the end of innocence in trust of your child, just really. I do not like it at all. It was a video. Siri's like a few years ago that was floating around of these parents. Who would just do these all Of the time these over the top ranks and like, tell the kids that they're in trouble in all this, and these kids would get so upset and then I guess the videos in theory would like end in a laugh by the event, But these I wanted to Punch these parents because I thought you're like taking these kids to such emotional places, and then it just felt not good for those. I don't know if you're talking about the same parents that I'm thinking about those There was a set of parents who they were doing that and getting a lot of YouTube hits and they were famous for it. They actually have their kids taken away as a court saw that, at least temporarily. I don't know what the status is now, but they courtside as cruel and manipulative and that they were unfit parents for doing it because they were really they needed get more and more views, and it was like So they go bigger better with Frank and they were just like all the noises there, and that is just It just creates so much confusion, Mama, I hate it. I don't even like it when they tell him that they ate all there. I don't know. I think it's me. I know I do because they cry and get up so upset and I know that it was something that Jimmy Kimmel, you know, started out as something and I think he's even spoke about it and said that he doesn't even like it anymore. That's good. That's good. Save the pranks for adults don't know. Well, now I'm gonna play a sad court. I don't know how you're going to tell us about. Joey was in a minor..

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