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Colorado dot Colorado state, one o'clock on Saturday. We'll hit the year at twelve thirty Wilkie. Mark Johnson here in boulder basketball, court left. Trying not to get ahead of myself. Mark for you know, that's always got a little extra juice. No doubt about it. No doubt about it. Felt at one with your twelve thirty year that at work. Jackie. Shaver talbot. Keyboard with a fake water down the lifestyle it, rattles. The guy who is kind and Franklin born. I was kind of an old school shots. His daddy right here. His dad was good player. Will they call? Mckinley. It'll take Cup to jump. Stop wasting up top the name of the right who just checked in angled toward the right side. Looking for Lucas Stilo bouncers the block taken by students over the right shoulder as fiery toppers and by Lucas, he's got nine the bus or on top two. I mean confident right now, Scott. That turnaround jump shot. Somebody from him either violence attacking cord left shared a left lane. What handed uptown swigging back to shape or the left wing up. Switch by Siebert the right side of Walker children Walker rise by Tahiliani groups about the upside. Cold daily on Brown who just checked in that last time out the junior a Grand Rapids Michigan. He's got his first fell two. And Joe Joe Walker. The people that upper left now shooting to pilots Georgia Walker in favor of those are two quick ours. Probably the quickest dot com we've seen. So far. Fourteen fourteen to play and that one nearly broke the backboard here so far. Ricocheted off by June. Substitution a Kuba. Bantu hero using into the first time. What's his name? Who was that? Again. Eero debate. Bodies six nine to forty Molly. Software suck and tossed by Walker. Good hits. And he's got three puffs on top by one. Jalen. Tune in for Colorado gives up the daily umbrella defense Bob with across coach court, right side wide open secret. Head fake goes by fighters. Downtown. Unconscious right now, he's got well, the Basra top fourteen ten he knows it's going. It's unbelievable. The way he shoot it right now. Shaver? Side delivers on the wing got it. With a jab step of a switch picked up by a daddy up top this. And he delivers on the left side. The guards gotta love a high screens shavers. Psych sepsis way. Tavake jab step pulls up for three shot won't go rebound. Even Betty goes up and over his back. He's debate history. Spell number three of Portland possession with thirteen thirty one to play the first half at a four point advantage. What heaven Batty blocks out he's blocking out the sun doubt about half? Dude is enormous. We gotta whistle and a foul away from the basket ball swigging got tangled up with Lucas. Second foul. To four on the pilots. Coach plays the ball dribbles. Opt-out gives high in the right side enabled right overhead up top to Kunz back to native looking for Rick upside the daily on the corner Dalen shell passed out top three ball. Brown. He's got his Alba can't pay the bus route seventeen ten zone officer to ball reversals. Penetrating kicks. Would you gotta move side to side that's helping the bus didn't do very well a year ago. Swigging drive it against daily on the corner post up from twelve nice job defensively. Daily on season going out about court daily coach left side. The freshman drives left lane has both way out of his hands. And I'm swigging. There's a freshman mistake right there up court quarter in the cordless shavers back out south border between the circles to walk overhead pass upside. Jeff tip tries by froze up the runner with the right hand it rattles it pops out. And it was tipped back up at debate. He's got histories point seventeen ten of rebound, by the pilots on the left block. Kevin is way down jab step. He's steps up on the reverse with a white hand big time show, the good footwork. And he laid that big leg over the top. Of the defender. There was no way he could defend after that are not going anywhere. I mean, that's a half an elephant full right there. Shot won't go rebound. He's kept up into backwards. There was a change of possession. It's Attleboro Rebecca as a pilot series down. Walkers got a top of the key. Buffs defense give it up. All the left side of the swiggum. You love them forty eight next to a bowl will have a time out here in the first half of nineteen to dwells tough. Joe Walker high spring shot clock is at twelve in the quarterback swigging for three fires of MRs upper bounds. He's taken by Taylor. Quick pass up court daily on drives into the right side. Pilots down Cortel eons got five plus on top by nine. Call timeout. Wait for the TV bell. He's called the time out. Twenty two to play in the first half twenty one to twelve the puffs are in control how they're gonna make this a full or keep it a thirty time called by the university of Portland. It is a time out. We'll go and take it as well. Buffalo's twenty one pilots twelve eleven twenty two to play the first half. This is Colorado basketball from learfield. This is the Pepsi that your father, drink and your grandfather. Wait, I was your age, we.

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