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The match the mets are on their way they will win the yankees have won they beat the phillies c three jorda montgomery pitched to shut of needs for the yankees struck you out two in the second pitcher use today by the yankees one of their top prospects justice sheffield bogota it was good to get out there and um you know early in the game while those snow bighitters were still in there so um you know kind of a test to to see uh you know where i need to be in the island you know what i need to continue work on thanks sheffield gobbled up banged up today allowed three runs over in any and a thirty served up a 2run homer to phillies mike health franck o the mets are putting up plenty of runs today and their spring training game against the marvellous top for the knife then the mets lead a 103 view unassessed put us in his first game of the spring hit a threerun homer new mets catcher jose lovato and also hit a homer robert you selma starter for the mets good start to shutout innings he struck out too much little banged up right now jay bruce dealing with planner fasciitis wally garissa has a sore hamstring dominic smith has a strained quad the raiders have trader rick nash seed now boston bruins reiter get back ryan spooner map leschi of first round pick in a prospect rangers play detroit tonight at also tonight they retired genre tells number nineteen former devil brian's yacht the side with the bruins college basketball riders on his way to a mac regular season championship they lead i own a late one of those same at the ninety five saint peter's beat cns 65 48 caniggia's blew out mariss at the half workers trails illinois 35 thirty sports a fifteen or 45 around the clock bob eusler ted ted went sports all right bob wins news time four seventeen came he said good advice.

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