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Expert brandy Malloy, and I'm bringing back one of my favorite guests from a past episode. I IRA vedic counselor. Jody Boone says if you're somebody who loves sweets, then you're going to desert anyway. So eat it first. So that you don't end up over eating. Do you eat the save lunch? Every day. Do you always have a hard boiled egg for breakfast? We're gonna talk about being a creature of habit with the most intensely habitual creature that I've ever encountered Donald Gorski from Fonda lack Wisconsin is in the Guinness Book of world records for eating more big Macs than anyone else on the planet. How many are you up to at this point eating at least two a day since nineteen seventy two. Number thirty thousand four hundred ninety three intrigued good. There's a lot more coming up from Donald and act three of the show. But I right now my interview with Dorie Greenspan. I want to know about your history because I learned a new word today. I saw that you were going to school for gerontology die pronounce. All right. Yeah. You take you did a good job. And then you quit that job and got into cookie baking. But first of all what is gerontology? What were you studying? How did you transition to cookies so join tala jeez. The study of aging so I got married when I was nineteen years old junior college never cooked before. And all I wanted to do was learn to cook. And so I cooked baked in cooked baked in I got a job, and I went to graduate school and got this degree in gerontology. And when actually I'm all, but dissertation couldn't be finishing. I didn't want to do this. I couldn't face going back to work. And my husband said, why don't you get a job baking you love baking? I had no skill. No training. No talent. But but I did get a job baking got fired a month later, but that's a whole. Other story. So the transition really was from following a very sit traditional course to saying. Hey, this isn't what I wanna do. Yeah. And starting to bake the reason that you didn't cook. Until you got married stemmed from something kind of traumatic that happened in your childhood. Well, it was. It's yes. My poor mother. I burn the kitchen down like completely burning around. No, kind of the cabinets above the oven. Okay. Trash the C E N. It'd just been renovated. I tried to make frozen. I'd never cooked anything. I wanted to make frozen French fries for my friends in. So it said fried, and I thought you need all and I put a big pot of boy of oil up to boil tongue twister put a lid on it. And when I took the little out came these they were mazing flames. They were blue. They were yellow they were orange and we call the fire. So you got the marshmallows out and you made s'mores instead. So I hadn't cooked before I wasn't allowed to cook. After how old were you? When that happened. I was seventh grade. So what was I twelve twelve? Yeah. You on a James beard award for your last book, which was all about cookies. Yes, I know out of a huge book in a lifetime of baking. You can't pick one cookie. But what is your go-to cookie? What is your favorite or your most requested so morally, I would say I can't pick a favorite. But there is a cookie that really special to me, and it's the world. Peace cookie the world peace cookie. So it's the cookie this on the cover of Dory's cookies, but it's also a cookie that I've been making, you know, it's now almost about twenty years. So I the recipe came to me originally from peer air me, and it was called the Korovou cookie. And he hit created. He's a Parisian pastry. Chef he created for restaurant in Paris. And I published it in my book, para sweets, and I thought finished that's it. And then what was coming? The Ovid or New York apartment and neighbor said, you know, those cookies I love them. I don't know what you call them. We call them world peace cookies, and I thought with the name like that they're going into my next book. If you Google world peace cookies there are now over a million..

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