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Korea. I'm Michael kassner. Market analysis that goes beyond the ordinary. Again, I learn another function from Matt Miller today. Bloomberg markets with polls we need and Matt Miller. Why is this stock so unloved? Weekdays at 10 a.m. eastern on Bloomberg radio. And I'm Karen Moscow, and futures this morning are on the Raj this morning with S&P futures up about 13 points down features of 67 and NASDAQ futures up 68. And we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg, the Dax in Germany is up one and a quarter percent this morning. Can your treasury down 7 30 seconds yield 2.73%, the yield on the two year 3.10%. Nymex crude oil is up 8 tenths of a percent or 79 cents and $91 45 cents a barrel. Co makes gold at 1.2% or $21, 60 cents is 1798 ounce. The Euro 1.0195 against a dollar, British pound, 1.2193, and the end this morning, one 34.17, watching Bitcoin, it's down 2.1%. It's a $22,850. That's a Bloomberg business flash. Now here's Michael Barr with more on what's going on around the world. Michael. Karen, thank you very much. House speaker Nancy Pelosi met with the South Korean counterparts in soul to reassure a strong alliance between the two countries. It comes as China conducted military exercises around Taiwan in response to Pelosi's visit. Flags are at half staff at the U.S. capitol after an Indiana congresswoman was killed in a car crash. Republican Jackie warski, who was 58, died in the accident in northern Indiana, along with two of her staffers. In baseball, the Mariners beat the Yankees 7 three. The mets beat the nationals 9 5. The Red Sox and giants lost. The Orioles and a's one. Global news, 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts and more than a 120 countries, a Michael

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