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Ocala high school. Teacher, involved in a controversial drowning of raccoons with his. Agriculture class students has retired Aaron county public schools officials said the school district was investigating claims that. The, forest high school teacher drown to raccoons, possum that we're killing chickens with students, from his agriculture science class pictures and video recorded by a student show, a raccoon, and, a metal, wire trap which the teacher and students then lifted into a garbage. Bin well then filling the been with water from several, houses a teacher who has been with Marion county schools for, thirty one years was placed on paid administration now leaving pending the outcome of the investigation the Florida fish and. Wildlife conservation commission and the Florida Department of health. Are also investigating the complaint Marion county, public schools superintendent Heidi mirror slammed the actions of the teacher and recommended the district fire him the teachers submitted his letter for retirement to the. District his decision, to retire and the schools districts investigation However the investigation by the f. w. c. and the. Health department continue, law enforcement. Is determining. Whether this teacher's actions were criminal or not according to the f. WC website raccoons classified as a, nuisance animal which are still to be euthanized humanely the f., w. c. refers to the guidelines for euthanasia of animals, prepared by the American veterinary medical association according to its latest publication acceptable firms euthanizing an. Animal, include a single shot to the head unacceptable forms. Include drowning even if the teacher was removed from the classroom school board members said they had been. Inundated, with phone calls from Olivetti states they're, just appalled that's it's just so horrific, to think about it they don't understand how anybody could be so cruel to animals, that, all life, is valuable and that this is just unacceptable is well am appalled. Join our pet family on Facebook Twitter and Instagram at, talking reporting for talkin pets on Jilin Scipio Take this job and. Shove.

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