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We had the DP making clear that they weren't going to vote for the wardrobe women if it contained the va level of Irish backstop. The we Carney think it will. And then we had Joe Johnson basically saying I don't think ask former remain as they're gonna vote fuel deal. We're going to back a second referendum. How do the numbers were is beginning to get very very haunt see how trees at least the first time round Paul seizes would throat agreement without some con with institutional labor support because. Yeah. Yeah. Retorts different people. Some people think that you can pick off fifteen labor MP's to batteries may some people think twenty-five, but we all beginning to get the coin of numbers she would need to find. When you consider there probably twenty on Brexit ultras in the algae who definitely vote against Jordan, you'll beginning to look to some kind of labor either saying to its MP's if you want to abstain abstain or labor sitting at the party to get this deal through and that is that is a bumper series man, then you can pound that with the news out of Brussels tonight. But it's being way on mush Alania is number two. As basically said, well, we haven't we all Gordon even on the body at because of political deadlock in London said if if they're still doesn't give it to them. Do we have to seriously consider a second referendum as something that will happen? I think this is this is very interesting question because Jacob is mortgage completely right? When he says that procedurally if trees May's dealers voted down house Commons, the UK leaves on no deal. I find it. Haunt believe that that would happen though, because most MP's Oregon's no deal, and if I was a resolution, Paul Hart's comments, which would be non-binding calling for second referendum or some other approach from the government. Even though it would be non binding diving would have huge political on moral force. But there is a there is a practical problem of a second referendum, which is you would have to extend Oskar fifty time to do it. And you kind of Knicks not fifty at us permission to eat at any point would always say come back entirely show of a would I come with conditions. I mean, they I mean, they probably would. But I think in the run-up to the first vote on the deal because they just want this problem, Don write their language in the run-up. So the I Bohm as there will be this deal or note. Now if those damn. You might what we write that it would change. But I do you could be certain. Which is a reminder of central point here, which is we all entering into a period of uncertainty in Brazil Baltics, the likes of which none of us have seen in our lifetimes can have irony was a Theresa May had hoped to be building momentum towards an agreement. Now, there was talk of a special cabinet meeting perhaps even over the weekend, maybe Monday where she had to all planned out. She was going to give her agreement. She's going to get backing for cabinet. She would go to Brussels they will sign it next month. Instead, we've had Joe Johnson firing a torpedo eve had the brings its years who are really being quite resolute and saying they wouldn't vote for this either. And now even more unhelpfully, you've got the us say, actually, if you didn't know what you're going to tell you cabinet next week because as far as we're concerned there is nothing to to agree. So we could I think the next few days things will move rather fast melt necessarily to Theresa May's event I wanna. Things don't remember as well..

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