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I think. Of kind of what you're looking to see in Morocco in weatherwise. It'll be pretty temperate. You know, so it's not gonna be too bad. So you hit their spring. So you go spring up if you can't bring fall, I guess we bomb. Yeah. The fall I love fall time to because he do hit these patches where it's not not New England or anything. But you know, you get some patches of these forest lands where you know, you don't expect it in Morocco be crossing the mountains said he hid. These forest lands were another leaves turning reds yellows Browns. And all that it it lends another kind of beauty to the place, but spring absolutely everything in bloom and everything so, yeah, if I'm going to spring tour in Morocco. Like, I said, you gotta start Marrakesh. It's a place that doesn't disappoint again. There's lots of different budget options, including some great mid range shot can boutique Riyadh hotels there that I think are a place to start. You know, you're going to understand quickly that America does. Have you can go on tours? He can go see, you know, the stadium tombs in walked by the to be a mosque in, you know, go into the Americas museum and all that. But really, it's it's I mean, you give familiar with the place through some of that stuff. But really it's a place that you spend most of your time just walking through the old souks. You know, these old marketplace's in haggling was owners over stuff, you probably don't need. I mean, this is this is dodging scooters at are everywhere events tomorrow. You know, it's vibrant. It's lively, you know, there's nothing quite like being on the gymnast met right after sunset, you know. When he when he come out that right after sunset is just it's like a circus every night, you know, it's just the energies there. There's all sorts of street performers all sorts of I don't know new name it. There's everything going out. There is, you know, it's it feels like, you know, the the moment in there's a mess that you feel like this is where it's all happening in tap tapping. And it's happening here. That's the feeling you know night. So you're doing. You're doing what a a couple of days in Marrakesh. Right. I just spent a week in America felt like could it used another week? And I was doing stuff everyday. Like, I am not lounging by the pool, you know? So if you if you want to give yourself a little bit of lounging time, you you don't feel like you need to do a lot. I say man, three nights America minimum is that's the first city, you're hitting. I'd stretch that four nights, particularly if I'm getting over any sort of jet lag or something like that. I'd wanna give myself at least a day to just kinda chill out. The American says easy to do. I think three or four days lots of beautiful gardens to walk through banned. Yeah. If you set yourself up in a nice enough, looking at the mid level type thing it'll be really easy start as till your trip. Brennan car. That's the next thing. I do because we're gonna head south at once we head south. There's not a lot of trains public buses only run once or twice a day, you'd be on a very tight schedule. If you're doing buses. So that's why I rented a car this last time, and I'm very happy. I did it turned out maybe cheaper than doing a lot of the grand taxis. I dunno less headache, anywhere. I felt like had more freedom to just kind of stop and pull pullover when whenever felt hey that looks kinda cool. I can't honestly I can't count. How many roads have went down? Just because I like light the name of this place. I was like, oh that sounds cool. Nothing's really written about it. Let's fun over here. Do night. You know, I love that the classic road trip. You know? So I think this is dietary that for me would be the classic road trip. You know? So you start Marrakesh youth report as there, and then I'd head out to swear, I do at least one maybe two nights in swear that's out on the coast to me on the Atlantic coast. Eating at mea. Which is awesome. It's delicious restaurant, kind of French Morocco confusion..

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