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On mu on Do that's that's something. Yes so there's news about if you didn't know him you on sub atomic particle sometimes a fat electron all like it's similar to the electricity powers batteries and flashlights. And stuff like that. Yes but it's like a lot. Heavier has more masses like two hundred and seven times more mass or yes is also called leptons right. How did you knew that. So the really unstable right dealing last night a tiny tiny tiny fraction of a second but the is really cool science saudis experiment recently illinois rate batavia illinois at the fermilab or the national celebration lab. Basically they shot all these. These tiny particles into a really intense magnetic field wall was what happened what basically it did not behave as predicted. What does that mean. Well you know physicist it. I'm not a physicist either offense. They discovered that basically like me ones are doing these really really weird things but we know of their kind of strange rate for people like chris. Paul who's one of the scientists. He's saying this might be like the higgs. Boson discovery in two thousand. Twelve all stirred. Yes oh so scientists think the maybe is is gonna explain dark matter oe dark matter. That's that one. Fourth of the universe right. that's unexplained cage one fourth of the mass of the universe rating. Yes it's pretty cool us. Two weeks ago we talked about mark linn trains all. Yes from germany. Those model train. That was really cool. Yes yes so. I was thinking maybe go into our backyard. We get some maple trees. Br ama- we don't we don't have any trees do the science center remember inside the science center. He was trees maple trees. I don't think we should do that. But it's like the neatest thing. I don't know if you know this but because of the pandemic everyone is getting maple. I'm not wearing yes. People are doing at home. They're still quarantined. So people are buying at home. Evaporaters and other making maple syrup the going online going to websites trade publications their trade publications for maple sugaring. Yes isn't that crazy. Yes okay. So for example. There's facebook cut-back your maple syrup makers the basically doubled their membership in a short period of time one of the cooling making maple serve. You know a great activity for kids right. Yes educational you get sticky stuff everywhere. We're out of time. So i wanted to everybody about our little trip to goodwill okay a goodwill guys my dad. We got a good real lot. Like i know. It's kinda weird but they've all these cool things about goodwill. It's all about serendipity goal. Sarah deputy could you explain. You don't know what you're expect. You just find these crazy things for example on my dad and i went to could will be found. This game was game like maybe in the nineteen eighties. It was really fun and now it doesn't exist anymore. I don't know it's called sequence for kids all sequence kids. Oh yes yes. I played a few times is basically connect four but you can get a unicorn guard tried yes we also got this weird thing that bram lights and i've never seen before at balls up. Shoot with a gun yes. It's so amazing. Only but i also want to talk about the trip so we went to this place called grounds for sculpture in hamilton. New jersey is really really cool yes. He's weird sculptures their giants bather their various trees just and so one of the bram like this is very inappropriate. Scope jury by seward johnson as many many of the sculptures. There are from this artist. And it's called. Has anyone seen larry. And if you're watching us in our cartoon videos.

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