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Degrees. We have a Milky sky in Boston. That son is out there. We've got the weekend weather for you. Traffic building out there A CZ well this Friday afternoon. The news at 1 30 has brought to you by UNA Bank on Lori Kirby. Massachusetts Attorney General announces indictments today in connection with a Koven 19 deaths off 76 veterans at the Holyoke Soldiers home Double BBC's Karen Real, with more on our top story. Bennett Walsh has gone from Marine Two unemployed accused criminal in the span of just a few years, Attorney General Maura Healey, announcing a grand jury is indicting him and his former medical director, Dr David Clinton. At the Holy Oak Soldiers home. A grand jury returned indictments against Walsh in Clinton for causing or permitting serious bodily injury or neglect of an elder During the Kobe 19 outbreak. Each defendant is facing 10 accounts total Five counts for the criminal neglect charge in five counts for the serious bodily injury charge, he said. No veteran should have died the way they did it. Holyoke Theology was asked if Walsh was qualified for the position he held. She said No. Karen Regal W B Z Boston's NewsRadio more protests and arrest in Louisville overnight a reaction to the grand jury decision not to charge three police officers directly for the death of Rianna Taylor. This morning, the family of the 26 Year old addressed the media more on this from CBS's Durica Duncan in Louisville. Family attorney Ben Crump calls this situation a grave miscarriage of justice. What counter Sham Grand jury proceeding West. This Brianna's legacy will be that black women life man's to the mood here in Louisville remains tense. With more protests on the streets Thursday night. Demonstrations began peacefully but escalated after the 9 P.m. curfew. Police started.

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