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Run blame the writer who was pushing through all he did was run last gimme a minute who was very close to those top two he ran second to last and then you had another horse it was relatively close dark vader he ended up running fifth be in pretty comfortably three or four links this was a giant effort in my opinion for trigger warning the concern i have is the way that he's finished in a couple of these races he has that speed but i don't think additional distance is going to be his friend a mile and a sixteenth is really what you're looking at for a horse like this the question now becomes where do you run him because i don't think he is i don't think he's a saratoga kind of horse de await for the pennsylvania derby suppose you could do that but that's still kind of ways off do you do you think about i know it's a mile and an eighth and i would like him sort of at this mile in sixty this the think of race like the west virginia derby suppose that's possible as well i think trigger warning is interesting and i think he continues to improve he's a little bit sort of wonky with some of his mechanics but this is a horse that he i'm at least buying into him now whatever stock you're selling in him i think trigger warnings is interesting horse going forward these more middle distances title ready don't you reportedly whatsoever i think it's nice to see that he started to pick up some pieces and start to pass on the far turn it looked like he was gonna win for fun but again the concern for him becomes the running style because his best races today have been outright on the lead and come in from just off it i don't know that he's as active kings zachary was very goofy far as the mechanics are concerned and he wasn't like that at churchill downs most recently then also when you couple some of the results that we have now seen coming out of that matt win you have to look at it and be a little bit cernan so maybe that race was not nearly as good as it looked now he didn't take a giant step back where do you drop back to a nineties for speed figures concern but just again with the mechanics didn't look all that great he had really the race in his favor as far as the way that the flow of it was going coming from off the pace to me this was a minor step back where he's going to need to certainly improve in his next start and where that is i'm not sure he's kind of that i would like to see in a race like the west virginia derby and then if if you perform well there then you can go onto a race like the travers but until then i still think he's got some things iron out as far as the rest of the field is concerned i don't have a heck of a lot to add give me a minute in funny duck the better off going shoulder distances blame the writer to me is no question of better force than dirt horse took a shot here i'm not gonna blame them for that but otherwise i to me actual right he's a nice horse and i think he's he's on the improves no question about it to me though the horse that i would want out of this race was the runner up i think trigger warning is very interesting going forward and these more middle distance races but unfortunately he does not win this race the indiana derby the indiana derby title for twenty eighteen that goes to axelrod axelrod wins the derby with a ninety four biosphere back delaware park three year old dealing a mile and an eighth on the tour of course this is the field for the kent stakes grade three event you had eight signed on and here the heavy favorite was going to.

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