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Note people in the plains and midwest should expect rough weather through at least Friday, it's sex, man. It's obviously like not fantastic. Winter weather alerts are in effect for more than eight million people some parts of northern central and western Minnesota could see a foot of snow before the end of the week. The temperatures are really plunge on on Friday, so whatever's on the roads, rain or snow. It's gonna freeze that will make travel rough for the millions of people returning home after the Christmas holiday. The first big snowfall year. A lot of people lose track of holiday drove. Last winter Kansas governor, Jeff Collier declared a state of disaster emergency Wednesday in advance of the blast expected to strike. The western part of his state Texas is also expected to get hit hard with large hail possible. Tornadoes and heavy wins. Wednesday's first responder in Dallas was cancelled after less than ten minutes of play because of a powerful thunderstorm. The NCWA says this is the first bowl game to ever be canceled due to weather as for the south some areas could see up to four inches of rain and possible floods. Correspondent John Laurence reporting coming up on fifteen minutes after the hour on first light. So now, let's get specific about what the weather has in store for us today. We're joined by meteorologist Brian Thompson. So are we done with yesterday storms yet, Bryan? Oh, not so much like all other things will improve somewhat in the southern plains portions of Texas evac much of the state of Texas improving today that that area of severe weather. Wanted to shift a little farther east on the threat of severe storms today from Louisiana through Mississippi, western Tennessee, even into southwestern portions of Kentucky and on the flip side of this. We're still dealing with some heavy snow through portions of the Dakotas especially from South Dakota through central Nebraska northern Minnesota as well. The difference today is it's actually going to be raining around Minneapolis after they picked up some snow yesterday. And it rains Senator shift eastward through the Great.

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