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Wallace. Alright. Debbie, Titans and Steelers will not go this weekend, after all, after two more positive test from the Titans this morning, a player and a personnel member, so they're gonna postpone the game, which was going to be played Monday or Tuesday. As we'll see so the Steelers they get extra bye week. These two teams and we'll figure out when they are going to play the game. The good news, though the Vikings they played the Titans last week received zero positive results from all tests conducted on players, coaches and football. This morning Washington the field this afternoon getting set to face the Raven Sunday baseball playoffs underway this afternoon. It is the Reds and the Braves Game two of their Siri's. Atlanta took the opener yesterday. No score right now in the second, four more games still to come later today, the N B a Finals game one goes to the Lakers and the Patriot League in the reports aren't expected to cancel all nonconference games in November and December and the plane 18 Game League on Ly schedule beginning On January 1st George Wallace to meet Toby Sports George Thanks it's 12 47. And finally, another eight conservative judges were confirmed today. Yes, add eight more to the winning column. That's awesome. I never get sick of winning Judge's air great, but I'm worried about this favored nation idea. I hadn't heard of that. What's the deal? Well, we believe in America and the free market. Yeah, of course, And it's why America came roaring back before this virus derailed it, and it's how we're going to beat this virus to exactly American vaccines and cures developed right here. I'm going to knock it out. So what's the problem? Well, this favored.

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