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So that that is a statement that scares the death out of the left which wants to embrace his I say this full-scale hardcore far left positioning and shelters reminding them guys just because you don't Trump doesn't mean that everybody is going to resonate to your cost. The left is going nuts over this because they want to provide the stark dichotomy they want you to have to choose between, President Trump and socialism, and they hope that if you hate President Trump enough, you'll resonates socialism. And suddenly Hersholt saying you don't have to choose Trump. And you don't have to choose socialism tells pretty good too. A lot of Americans. I know that a lot of Trump supporters who listen to the show, but understand his popularity ratings are not all that high. Right. There are a lot of folks are not gonna vote for President Trump in the next election cycle the possibility that Scholtz carves into that vote by saying I don't like Trump and also I'm not a crazy person not an insignificant possibility. Listen to the panic from the media over this. I mean, let's let's face this. How bad are the Democrats Howard Schultz is a threat to them. This guy is utterly charisma-free. He is he. Has dole as as dishwater? I mean, really is you watch him speak. And you're like, wow, this really, okay. I guess nobody's looking. At Howard Chilton going. He captures my imagination. All he is is a return to normal. He feels like Warren g Harding in nineteen twenty. That was the Warren g Harding campaign slogan in nineteen twenty after the insanity of the Woodrow Wilson administration was returned to normalcy. Howard Scholtz should make that his slogan, honestly, because he feels like return to normalcy for a lot of folks. And this is scaring, the death out of Democrats and the media really want the AOC wing of the Democratic Party to be Senate the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. So listen to MSNBC's, Nicole Wallace freaking out just losing her mind on Steve Schmidt whose an advisor to Howard Schultz, people are terrified and people are terrified that you one of the most visible Trump critics are now behind when they feel I could take away the Democrats best chance of toppling Donald Trump. Nobody's voting. The election is to. Okay. Everybody wasn't. She's so scared. She says here's a solution. Don't be crazy. You had one job Democrats won. And. Yes, suck at it. Jon Favreau, who is on the Obama team. He says it's just it's an awful thing to do is going to ruin the world ruined the world the pod broS explaining why Howard Schultz the scariest person in the world. These two people Bloomberg on very different ends of the spectrum or both thinking. Yeah, we could both run in the democratic primary, and we'll just see if anyone likes ideas Howard Schultz things that he doesn't have to do that that he gets to just run on his own as an independent and do it that way. Even if it means hurting the democratic candidate helping to Trump, and that's that's just a awful thing to do. It is. I mean, people should be restricted to running inside the Democratic Party where we the pod broS can term whether they ought to even receive the vote of the general public. I love that. The people who suggest that Donald Trump is a force against him opera suggesting that third party candidates should be banned. Now, let's be real about this a third party candidate is not a guarantee that Trump wins reelection. It's not even a guarantee that all of the votes for Howard Schultz, come from the Democratic Party. It is quite possible that he draws away bunch of suburban Republicans who would normally vote for Trump. And now they see Schultz as some sort of moderate Schultz is relying on apparently some interior polling data is what Josh crash our over at national journal was tweeting yesterday. He says Schultz commissioned several ballot tests over the past few months and found that centrist Indy pulls between twenty five low to thirties between twenty five and low thirties. President Trump consistently at twenty nine to thirty percents. Elizabeth Warren between twenty six and thirty percents. In other words, the votes splits. Exactly three ways with Warren on the ballot. They founded about twenty four percents of Democrats defected to the generic centrist independence alternative and twenty percents of Trump Republicans pulling found that Trump's support was strong with Republicans. Around seventy percent now, let's be real about this generic centrist..

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