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This episode of on point is supported by 23 in me now through valentine's day get 20 percent off each 23 in me dna kit plus free gift wrap go to 23 in me dot com slash on point today from wbur boston an npr i'm indira lakhshman on of the poynter institute for media studies and this is on point in the news this week before dawn cracked over washington congress passed a four hundred billion dollar temporary budget deal hours earlier republican senator and deficit hawk rand paul tried to sink it there is no oversight you realize what they are passing is all of the money glommed together and one drill no one will read the bill no one knows what's in it and there is no reform and the bill on wednesday house minority leader nancy pelosi stood tall for the dreamers in four inch heels in a so low filibuster style recordbreaking speech for the s eight hours to have had the privilege of reaching the testimony of so many dreamers is still have more but how here to cement white house damage control after a top aide resigns following reports of abuse by two exwives which his bosses allegedly knew about white house deputy press secretary rajshahi off faced the press yesterday we all could have done better over the last few days in dealing with the situation but the emerging reports were not reflective of the individual who will come to know this hour on point our weekly news roundtable with eliana johnson van newkirk and jack beatty you can join us on air or online can you believe it a second government shutdown albeit for a few hours in less than a month will the new budget avert new problems or lawmakers just kicking the can down the road till march join us any time at on point radio dot org or on twitter and facebook at on point radio joining us now from washington as eliana johnson national political reporter for politico eliana welcome great to have you hi india are great.

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