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New Orleans Saints drew Brees where they built center guard guard. They were as concerned with the tackle. Baker needs a glean interior of the pocket. He needs to play on time and he can be deadly. He can absolutely slice and dice you. But what you're seeing the same you happen. You saw happen against Georgia last year when you're able to rush Baker in the middle, it him moving laterally or moving backwards is rain, writes checks his body and ash. He tries to make ways. Physically he is unable to make and they turned into intersection. That's what you saw. Guess I think Baker can fix it, but it's on hand to decide how he's gonna play the game trend Dilfer joining us. I said, I've, I've, there's nine teams that I look at five in the AFC four in the NFC that I think are good enough personnel coaching quarterback to string together, multiple wins in a row, get to a Super Bowl win or lose who knows, but get there. That's part of it. And then there's two teams Carolina and Green Bay. I need a couple more weeks that's that's where I, that's kind of how I feel today that I feel the patriots chiefs Rams eagles Steelers saints, ravens chargers Vikings. They can string together multiple wins against good teams Panthers Packers, darn close. Give me two more weeks. Any pushback on that? Do you see teams? I don't. Are there teams you don't like or do like that? I don't have. You know, I saw the list earlier today I wanted to push back on. I really wouldn't. Maybe I would take the Steelers out, but the Texans in, but I don't. It's probably really tell on either. I think what's interesting about this though, is a bigger conversation around the teams. Most likely would be your favorites, and that would be the patriots. Obviously, I put the eagles in there 'cause they did last year and they're starting around into form and Carson's only gonna get better. And then obviously the chiefs and the Rams those four teams, three of them are playing with four backs on their first on-track..

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