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Let me go back to your role at Stewart's so I know you're on the board, but how involved in recruiting or day-to-day operations. Will you be I don't think that any board member of any firm should be intimately involved in the day-to-day. So, you know, I've kind of been there done that and it was very clear when I came onto Stewart. I don't intend to run the day today. I don't intend to jump in front of the senior Executives who were there who have done a very capable job of Growing the Farm and running the firm for the last seven years and they've done really well in the board is very very supportive of them. So if one of them calls me and says, can I run something by you? I'm certainly going to help answer the question, you know, like a lot of what I have is what they call institutional wage. Areas, a lot of things that they run into I've probably run into myself over the last forty years and I'm happy to help and I'm happy to give them my opinion if they accept my opinion and should be fine. If they don't accept my opinion and do something else fine, but at least I offered the you know, the the bigger issue is, you know, they'll be responsible for their own actions. They are responsible for running day-to-day. I'm responsible for more or less just for them not the whole firm and about recruiting bomb. I mean, I have to imagine that there are plenty of advisors that read what I read when I read that Bob Mulholland joined the board of Stuart I said, wow good for Stewart, since you've joined the board with some of the advisors that know you.

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