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Oklahoma are buried at the gravesites he left each one of those soldiers arose rock, which is the state rock of Oklahoma to thank them for their service pretty special. In addition, we've got a question from Brendon chase. He's a student at Tulane university, right here New Orleans, he hails from Boston, Massachusetts, and he called in with a question about d day he asks during the invasion, why weren't the beachheads attacked beforehand, like by ship Araj by plane rather than sending in troops with the plane. So let me turn that maybe to Jeff Birnbaum one you handle that one for us. So this is actually a really complicated question because there was a lot, a lot of factors going into the invasion. And so what Brennan is this riding isn't necessarily possible with the way that the German troops are, are sort of stationed at the. Time of the invasion. So in there haven't had been attempts before to actually to bomb to do other things in on the beaches in the area, and they weren't successful to well-guarded. So one of the things that they start as much as year before they actually. Conduct. The invasion is sort of a campaign of deception. So trying to throw the Germans off of where they're actually going to be because otherwise it isn't really possible to actually surprise them into successful. And it's everything you might think seems like a spy movie is a little bit absurd. I mean there there's tanks that are like rubber that are like blown up in so the German, see these tanks. My, my favorite is something told Rupert. It's a paradigm me that they would would drop in it looks like it looks like a pair of trooper falling from the sky. But to us, it's, it's actually just a piece of muslin this stuff to look like a person, so scarecrow falling from the sky base pretty much. And so these are the types of things that they start to do. There's there's double agents. There's fake radio broadcasts and other things to get the Germans thinking that they're going to attack somewhere else that they're going to invade through another part of Europe. And so, and that's all comes down to the fact that it wasn't possible. Otherwise they had to be caught off guard. They had to see it coming. And so that was the only way it was really going to happen. So it wasn't really possible just kind of drop in there and. As well as being an endeavor that relied on masterful, tactical, and strategic planning on huge amounts of manpower, American British Canadian trillion forces subterfuge, deception mind games were big part of that. I think it was on your site where I learned that, you know, they'd announce on various radio, frequencies, particularly to French resistance figures active in France to try to sabotage things, they'd say, well, they'd send snippets of poetry and opera songs and other things as code, but would flood the airwaves with this, most of which ninety plus percent of it had nothing to do with the French resistance. It was just kind of fake out the German, so that when warnings came from Germans bys saying, hey, there's been a lot of chatter. We think something is up. They had sent out that message someone time almost the boy to call wolf, Walter Isaacson. You've done a lot of looking at technology espionage. Right. How important was that to making sure both the Norman? D conquest. I guess the reverse takeover of France by the allies. But also the greater the great were effort would be successful. It was not only absolutely crucial to the war effort. It's the moment win firepower in war is replaced by information, technology and computing power, because what happens when you're talking about a week going the fool the Germans into thinking maybe we're gonna do Calais, not norm and deal, maybe even through Norway. They were trying to do it. What happens is a group of scientists who, don't get enough credit for it, because it was kept secret for a long time or meeting, and Bletchley parking one Alan turing is there that breaking the German enigma code. They billed colossus. It was called, and it was two thousand four hundred vacuum tubes. It is a great computer and they're able to break the German, wartime code. And they know that Hitler doesn't think it's going to be enormous. Windy. And so they do this disinflation campaign, partly because we hit invented the computer and then later, we invent the Tomich bomb and its technology.

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