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It's animal radio, celebrating the connection with our pets in our primates, which could be you just learned that with his Dr Jane Goodall. So. You travel now about what three hundred days a year and you're mostly speaking about environmental twice, and I'm wondering how can I personally just one single person affect positive change? Well, I made many people who have come on wear the mesh that we've created on the planet, and he knows well as I do old of terrible things happening. And so people feel helpless and hopeless. Bevill do nothing, but I at least say to people, you know, each day that we live, if we single one of us, we make some of impact thinking about what we buy, whether it comes from how was it made that this on the environment? Does it involve cruelty to animals like intensive farms? Is it cheap because of child, slave, labor? So finding out a little bit about what you buy, a making ethical choices, which if it was just you would wouldn't do a thing, but you know. There are now millions of people beginning to think this way. So if we look at the cumulative effect of millions and millions of ethical choices, so we need to buy products, haven't done Imos heaven. Tell them the environment and hopefully give back. A little. I understand that you've you've teamed up with an anti purse or deodorant manufacturer. I'm not sure about. That's all that they do, but Schmidt that the product, cruelty free. Nothing's tested on animals. It hasn't calmed the environment and this this deodorant. They asked me my favorite flower smell, and I said, they leave the valley. So it's it's many of the valley and the Jane Goodall institute gets five percents of every stick sold are like that. Just or is there a men's Senate person? I don't know if you want to smell like. 'cause smell of lilies of the valley. So I'm like this. I like the smell them smell in some right now, and it's mel's. Very good. Actually, I'm wearing it, yes, it's a lefty smell, isn't it? Yes, it is like a Goodell. I'm wondering US France just time that I was so envious. I would see your documentaries living out there with these wild animals that you had been working with and and we're so tame and kind with you. Do you just miss that day long for those days now that you're on the road so much? Well, I think back of them we've great, nostalgia, and you know the recent geographic. Have you seen Jane? Yes. No, I haven't. I haven't. Oh, what you should because that's the best. It's the only one of older to been made, which takes me right back into the skin of doing. Twenty six zero Jane. And you know, seeing feeling I'm once again among those days. I got to know so very well flow and feed the and they've been greybeard and Goliath, it's very nostalgic feeling, but going be not the same. Most of the chimps I really knew so, well, I have passed on, you know, they can live sixty years, but it was sixty years ago that I began. So it just isn't the same as tourists around and things I was so lucky. I just had that world myself. You didn't. Now these days, there are so many people who are getting involved in animal activism. How would somebody become a young Jane Goodall again? Well, our young people whose passionate gardens that the monkeys apes in the wild, and if they really are passionate, probably these days. They'll have to get some kind of agree leaky sent me particularly because I haven't been to college because he thought I would have a mind that was uncluttered with a scientific reductionism as the most at that time, you know, on most have personalities, minds or emotions according to science that I was told by my dog, that wasn't true. So today people can study those things. But when I, I dreamed of Africa when I was ten, everybody laughed at me, how will you get the, you know, you don't have money in your family Africa's far away and the war, and you're just the girl. But mom always said, if you really want this, you have to work extremely hard and take advantage of all and any opportunity and don't give up. So that's what I say. The young people as I'm traveling around the many of them actually, you know, follow their dream and they get the even if they have..

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