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Have the lowest on the east coast the united states the lowest aviation flight fees of any aviation program that's out there on the east coast the united states that includes embryriddle western michigan university includes a lot of those along the east coast enough in new york better well known as well were all teaching the same thing but we're able to do it a whole lot less expensive and we pride ourselves in the fact that we're able to do that plus our own fleet of aircraft that the students training in belongs to us i have a friend myself who was training to become a pilot by the training on cessnas or they also late jet towered so so we have an all piper fleet the piper warrior is our trainer our primary trainer for private pilot an instrument and then the bulk of commercial ncf five which is the certified flight instructor so we have seven of those and we have two piper eros which are aircraft used for the complex instruction meaning they have a retractable gear and they have a lot more power i saw bigger inge in much or horse power because of fly faster and higher of course and then we have one twinengine aircraft will piper seneca that we use for the multi engine training at our students as they go through the program specifically for professional pilot they get six federal aviation administration ratings or certifications if you will that it required for graduation that they can use in building up their time their flight time towards their total time in order to be ultimately hired by the airlines and start that airline career the majority of our students when they graduated out of our programme are going after an airline career and one of the other things we kind of hang our hat on is the fact that foreign aviation institution such as delaware state university and our program within twelve months and graduating from delaware state university our professional pilots are sitting rate see and an airline cockpit most likely at a regional airline war if they don't go the.

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