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Eighty three eighty three look why do you think and teeth a m black lives matter exist it is b because we have allowed this type of behaviour to continue to take centre stage in america espn they're basically not doing the right thing when they look at jemil's smith and treat her as a minority doesn't she realized that they're doing the very opposite that they pretend that they're actually doing to help her because if you feel that you have to protect her because she's a black woman and you're basically same black women are not smart enough not strong enough to stand up and take the consequences of their words and their actions brands what do you think that makes sense i mean think about that for a moment that has to make sense but of course it doesn't make sense because this is the way the left plays it and unfortunately those that are left us those that are democrats those that fall into this also narrative think that they're doing something of honor something that's dignified and the truth of the matter is there not they're doing the exact opposite and they have to be protected makes no sense why do you think antesa exists friends in fact i n t for is on record of saying that it's a privilege to teach future dead cops mike isaacson who's a professor john j college of criminal justice who is also an antique the leader is on record of saying that he tweeted that.

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