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My own website my little website that could michael savage dot com top story topright jennifer lawrence attacks christians quote people holding their crucifixes which may as well be pitchforks could buy jennifer it was nice knowing you next story judging by mueller's staffing choices he may not be very interested in justice on the left is god faith in reason available in book stores the search to find god is the finding itself and then there's some pages from the book with biblical quotes then there's a tweet come back america when did the left become fascistic and who is funding you know what's interesting the left doesn't even know what the word 'fascist means i tried to explain it over the years i did it many many years i had arguments with left us on the show when they called any conservative a fascist i should know your actual the fascist i said the you know the derogation of the word 'fascist and they went on no you're now you're at i should listen just for a minute listen carefully the word 'fascist if you look up the acknowledgee of the word derives from fasha or sticks that were held in the hands of roman soldiers and they use the stick so the fasha to control the population other words like nightsticks you get it so they were the fascists who used the sticks so who is using the sticks today why wife's the good liberals at harvard the good liberals at berkeley the good liberals everywhere uturn are the true fascists of the day forget the labelling and look at who's doing water did you come to understand we are in the civil war i try to warn you about and the left is on the attack and we on the right of just taking it we're actually sitting at like patsies taking the beating and there must be a movement to to arrest them even if it's a citizen arrested edison's arrest if they come in and break up a republicans meeting which they're doing like it uc santacruz university california santa cruz the other night there was a meeting just kids republicans republicans that's all they weren't republican kids will a group of selfrighteous phonies who thought that they had the upper hand in the the upper spiritual hand the whatever they think come in the room and they break up the meeting in the library saying you're a.

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