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But it's possible that because those other people were you know they were wasps basically or it was easier to point the finger and blame this Jewish couple for this this subversion. Sure and of course. It's completely aren't coming from Roy Cohen. Who himself was also Jewish but for some reason he had laser focus on this couple and making his name was very important to him making his name known and pushing the agenda of Joseph McCarthy so after the execution of the rosenbergs there were still always this general distrust of anybody who affiliated with concepts of communism or or Russia up to Ronald Reagan really well known for not trusting Russians. I think the Cold War carried on into our childhoods and I remember some of it I remember all of it but I remember some of the aggression towards Russia towards some of these other countries. That was still going not that it was undeserved absolutely. I mean they definitely were were fucked up. Yes yes so. Ultimately a lot of people wondered if Oppenheimer had any experience himself in the trading or sharing of secrets. I think a light of debt was also cast on him again because he was a Jewish scientist and again going back to the anti-semite Semitic nature that was common in the US but time period. Yeah absolutely at the time. People definitely have their doubts wasn't intelligence disclosure from US resources and you documents from the USSR that we learned Oppenheimer also had a cone codename delegated by the US are his codename Westchester. But it's been it was clearly confirmed by the. Ussr documents that he himself did not participate in sharing information even though he had been actively recruited and even his own mistress was a car. Technically a card carrying member of the Communist Party. He himself never that we know so far. Never shared any nuclear secrets with Russia. It does seem that the whole McCarthyism and all of that really did succeed in squashing. The Communist Party in the United States right the level of influence and and notoriety that they had in the forties and the thirties is not basically non-existent wrangling. So that's that's an interesting thing to think about yes. They got what they wanted. I guess I mean McCarthy era I guess you can argue with Success Woolen. What their motivation. Wise again whatever. People's political leanings. Are I history history But you know it is interesting that there was this complete annihilation potentially of an idea a political idea and granted there were these perversions. With trying to steal secrets. But I don't doubt that the United States was also participating in espionage efforts throughout at the world. Exactly what a communist would say Yup card carrying member? I do like the name Ethyl I do and I. I saw photos of them. You know I I feel bad for kids. I think that they had a really rough go because they were put into essentially foster care and then adopted navy and change their names to be their adoptive parents and I think that was probably because they were being attacked are followed the New Jersey school system. It's crazy yeah. Their their sons are still alive. I don't know that they still give interviews. But they from what I've read. They still like Eric said they still believe that. Their MOM's participation was minimal at best. Yeah it's a really sad story. It is time and a horrible story. I mean just the entire thing is crazy and the fact that there's so many ties to New Mexico. It just blows my mind a little bit because I was not even aware of that so i WanNa thank you for teaching me something. You're welcome and what we talked about earlier was it's the. Us obviously beat Russia in terms of developing the weapon. Although the information that is inevitably given to Russia did expedite their process. It saves them about three or four years I think in developing their own yeah Which leads you bunch of other things down the arms race and all that fun stuff not fun not fun but still interesting to highlight the role that New Mexico played during World War Two during the development of weapons. And if we can leave you with anything stay safe and check out the white sands whitesands check out. The latest Cabrera El Camino community is so good. Yeah well thank you again for joining me you for having me here Eric. What's the name of the book that you read? The book is called a spies. Guy To Santa Fe Albuquerque by E. Be held and he identifies himself as a former intelligence officer of the. Us government. Is He only Mexican. He was stationed here New Mexico for a time which led to his research but he doesn't currently live here. Okay that's cool. Well we'll check that out and anything else that you want to say to our listeners. Thank you for being interested in Eric's podcast stacey slash your hands. Don't drink bleach. Well that's more than I could say. So yes stay safe New Mexico. Thanks again for listening to consequences. Call us on social media on instagram and facebook at true consequences pod and on twitter at cons pod. True consequences is hosted written and produced by me. Your host Eric Carter Lending. Thanks for listening and stay th Mexico..

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