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Tax deduction the fair market value Visit vehicles for change dot org today 6 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s with Mary de pampa in the traffic center All right John we're going to start out in Maryland couple of things to watch out for now We'll start with a new rack being reported on the Baltimore Washington Parkway If you're heading northbound near rundle mills boulevard that's the new scene of the crash in northbound You watch your ramps at a random mills boulevard and watch a rundle mills to get to to 95 until they pin it down We did see the crew riding northbound in our camera shot to get there The report is one crash one facing the wrong way So with caution I'm two 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway arundel mills boulevard because you are at speed We have a crash 95 running southbound sounds as if it may be getting better south 95 at route 100 X at 43 The overturned vehicle still had a right lane block but a lot of the emergency equipment may be leaving seem so clean up underway southbound XF 43 right lane blocked beyond this 95 was moving pretty much at speed Now north 95 inch of Baltimore they say they were working closing half of the tubes that go to institute the northbound fort mchenry tunnel the right tube would be closed not noticing it in our camera shop no delay showing will definitely keep an eye on it Toward the district a crash in southeast as Mississippi avenue closed between 13th and 15th and investigation outbound south capital street over the Douglas bridge at the circle you were staying left to get around to crash that maybe in the clean up In Virginia interstate travel pretty light but route one south and Stafford county remaining close at Austin park drive so south of 6 ten garrisonville Austin park drive forced in Woods watch for police direction The new call out two 70 south between one 24 and three 70 watch your mirrors response is heading for a new crash and are your feet freezy walking on your cold floors the problem could be your crawl space value dry waterproofing offers free cross base inspection visit value dry waterproofing dot com married upon the WTA traffic And here's storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller Cold today with highs near 30° plenty of sunshine tomorrow snow develops in the early afternoon It will accumulate.

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