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Congress is not subject to the mandate and congressional employees and all that good stuff, not subject to the to the mandate. Um And yes, that was a clip from Casa Blanca. Yes, it was, uh, Peter Laurie being arrested by major stressors people at Rick's Cafe American and he had to have his papers because you know, from now on, you're going to have to show your papers to go from state to state in America, just like it was like a laugh line and hunt for red October. Now it's becoming a reality because of the left because of The Democrats taking over They're crazy. Nicki Minaj is a She's a lefty. I think she should run for president as a Democrat, Of course, and Qwerty b should be her running mate. Because Cardi b. She got those fingernails. She injured herself with the fingernails from time to time. That's how long and crazy her fingernails are. But Nicki Minaj, she makes music. I don't know who listens to it. Not me. But she's fish. He's got 22 million Twitter followers. 22 million. That's a population of decent sized country and, you know, social media. That's what it's all about. It's Twitter and Facebook. And all that stuff was speaking about the funny Facebook story today. Kind of funny. It's racist and everything but The Facebook people. Because they're leftists. They're corrupt. Mark Zuckerberg calls himself a liberal liberals really today are not liberal at all Their leftists and no one is more liberal than the leftists anywhere you go in the world. But here's the Here's the thing. It's a funny word. You're familiar with black lists. Right, Blackley, you've been blacklisted. You can't come in Rick's Cafe Americaine because you've been blacklisted. Right? Well, Facebook, as it turns out, has what we're calling now, a white list because, you know, racist. It's like reminds me of Sheldon Senators Sheldon White House Democrat from Rhode Island, who belongs to a white only yacht club. And it's apparently the New York Times said, perhaps the most exclusive club in America and Sheldon White House he's the idiot that asked Brett Kavanaugh about goofing and he said flatulence, whereas 16 years old. He's the chucks right dimwit who's like US stuffed shirt from a Hollywood play about about the U. S. Senate. And he belongs to this whites only club. If you're a Republican, that would be a real issue. No Republicans belong to white only clubs. Democrats white only clubs. That's fine because they're the party of lynching people. And they're the party of the Klan and standing in schoolhouse doors, you know, not a thing. But Facebook. Let's white list VIPs. Break all of its posting rules, a new report reveals. A program at Facebook, dubbed X Check when they call it white list. It would be better that way. I think it is the party of white supremacy, after all, historically speaking, and today they just call everybody white supremacists because they're trying to get the stink off of them. So they've got a program they call X check and allows high profile users to essentially avoid the moderation process and public published posts that defy the company's rules. The Washington Excuse me, The Wall Street Journal reported. So they've got a bunch of, you know, like media people and Democrats and lefties. And at one point president Trump was on this white list too. He was president. But then, of course, they banned him altogether. Uh, little case of overcompensation, I guess. But the Wall Street Journal, uh, discovered that at Facebook, they have this white list and they have very strict rules about what you can say and what you can share and what you can do, and they've been you, and it's always conservatives that are banned, usually for telling the truth about Hunter Biden and things like that. The program, which eventually involved some 5.8 million users by 2020. Was essentially intended as a quality control measure, they said, Uh for when high profile users that's Democrats and media people accounts are flagged, but most of the posts were simply never reviewed. The white list as it's called opposite of blacklist. Good Stuff Directory consists of high profile accounts, including celebrities, politicians, Democrats and journalists, Democrats and anyone with a substantial following an influence, according to the Wall Street Journal. Yes, but they banned President Trump, So it's not anyone with my high profile. That's you know, that's the thing. So it's Democrats once again, and I'm going to guess mostly white people because it's a white list after all, so we got that going for us there. Um, now back to this, there's a Nicki Minaj thing. One of the headlines couple headlines Last night was this big thing of the Metropolitan? It's an annual event. I'm sure you're all invited to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Uh, the city that never sweeps and, um uh, it's a very It's a hotbed of celebrities. And and thanks and the event is $35,000 per ticket. But you get a meal, so you know it's not. It's not so bad. You got to drive yourself and you've got to buy your own dress, and it might look like a chick fil a bag and I'll get to that. But Um The big Met dinner, the annual Met. They just call it the Met, and it's an annual thing. It's amazing museum, and it's a great venue. A great setting. That is similar things in Washington. But but but this is ridiculous. $200,000 a table $35,000 per person. Some say it's only $30,000 per person. Maybe the maybe, like Ticketmaster. They take five grand or something like that. But Nicki Minaj, a songstress name.

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