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News time for i have been on sports car witnesses the aim carlo more stylish jumps in pittsburgh indeed it is once again the fifth cup championship one by the pittsburgh penguins and this one perhaps the most improbable is the penguins really had the deal was several injuries their defensive core was decimated the times during the playoffs but they put the pieces together and sydney crosby leads the franchise to yet another stanley cup championship the penguins scored a late in the game patrick horn was put one in off the goal goaltender it was one that upping the pink england's lead nashville they added an emptynet goal and this is how it sounded on the penguins hockey network at the end of the game one second lapik i'll have a bucket of a our honored at walmart up pittsburgh wrangler want love stairlike like up outlay upgrade of a man thrill creditors air in nashville don't operate at you good jail your ma you could joe your pa about a federal backdoor arkansas stanley cup champions two thousand seven jaein the pittsburgh penguins like lang had the call penguins hockey that work as you could tell the penguins one came six on the road at nashville all five of their stanley cup championships by the way have been clinched on the road penguins beat nashville to nothing to win the stanley cup title once again among the major league baseball games from sunday pirates beat miami by bottle of three two one dodgers over the reds nine two seven college baseball cheese use headed back to the college world series for the fourth straight year tcu beat missouri state eighttoone to clinch that super regional championship florida state cal state fullerton and lsu also advanced to the college world series was super regional win sunday at louisville texas am and oregon all advanced on saturday wake forest in florida continue to battle for that final spot the uae west virginia amateur begins today on the cobb course sapped the resorted laid springs parker's bird native in wvu golfer alan cooke one last year.

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