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Cannabis Back into the backfield. A field from under center Turns gives chump wide open, 15 10 find there We go Touch up job, his second of the day, next huge contributions to our team. More offensive particular, so we're gonna counting on them. So it's just have a game unfolded. Just snap it to Mahomes takes a face mask on looking left Chelsea. It's undefined stretches out. Kelsey, Touchdown, Chance. City and 11 Yard strike from Patrick Mahomes. Two. Travis Kelsey, Cleveland Heights, Ohio native and the Chiefs are within six. Yeah, just, uh, listen, I think it's just a mindset. Something's got to come up here and take over here is one of the captains today, so it takes a lot of pride in where where he's come from. With this organization, Homes will step up against it. Moving laterally throws it. Looking for Tyreek Hill makes the catch burning the defender peeling back left 2015 10 5 and into the end zone Touchdown, Kansas City 75 Yard touchdown. I mean, obviously, that's a really good football team. We had a battle first down, set up in the pocket. Roll slap got to get rid of it. Cruise Week. One is important because you want to win a game against a team that you think that would have a chance to be in the playoffs. And you think you do so just didn't matter at the end of the season intercepted by Mike use, he's got it made field was getting hit. He was going down. He tried to throw the ball to Harrison, Brian and Mike used picked it on. Find a way to get a win. But at the end of the day, it takes a week by week, day by day mentality to get therapy in the end. Chief for the 33 29.

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