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27th in 2021. Ready for this? Bill self has finished top 25 at Ken pom in 23 of the past 24 seasons at Illinois and Kansas, but his freak was broken in 2021 when the jayhawks finished 27. You'll remember you'll see how this happened. They were 18th heading into the incident like tournament. To USC and it took them all the way from 18th down to 27 that broke the street. It should be obvious. Who are the Gonzaga's good every year? So I'm gonna say you Gonzaga. Mark view has 11 straight top 25 Ken palm finishes. It's obviously about to be 12 straight at Gonzaga. Kelvin Sampson has 5 straight. I'm sorry. Few is the answer. Mark view is the answer. Mark, few has 11 about to be 12 straight. Then it is Matt painter 7 about to be 8 straight and then it is Kelvin Sampson 5 about to be 6 straight. Those are coaches currently in the top 25 at Kim pom with streaks of consecutive top 25 Kim pom finishes. All right, good deal. Big Ten is tournament's going to be it's going to be outlandish. And the fact they're still right now, Maryland, Indiana, Iowa are all 11 and 8. Illinois is 11 8 Michigan's 11 8 northwestern 11 8 Michigan state is ten and 8 Rutgers is ten and 9, Penn State is 9 and ten. Wisconsin's 8 and 11. This is just a joke. Whatever. It's going to get like 9 teams in the NCAA tournament and they're going to have one sweet 16 team. It's going to be something like that. The Big Ten is going to be the first conference ever to get 9 teams in and they send all of them to Dayton. It's never done in time before. This is incredible how this is this is wind up breaking. But hey, it'll be interesting and guaranteed there will be urgency from a bubble perspective for four teams, three four teams when they get to postseason play next week. It's a wonderful thing right now. The Big Ten and here we are final week of the regular season. There's just a bubble games galore. And we'll get to that once we preview the weekend in just a minute. That's what we should do. We should have the last four Big Ten at large is all go to Dayton, have a little big tin tournament in Dayton. I agree. I agree. Antoine Davis did not make history on Thursday night. He's now three points behind Pete maravich on the all time division one men's basketball scoring lift. He needed 25 points Thursday night to tie the record 26 to break it. He got 22 on 7 of 26 shooting from the field in a 71 66 loss to Youngstown state in the quarterfinals of the horizon league tournament. So on a surface level, this is a team below 500. It's not a good team. The season should be over, but there's some thought that one of these little goofy postseason tournaments is gonna invite Detroit and give Antoine Davis. Another game to get. Four more points to become the all time scoring level leader at the division one men's basketball level. We really need this. So before I break into the details of how this could well happen, where do you stand on this? In terms of if it does happen, if Detroit mercy plays in a pay for play, postseason tournament almost nakedly for the purpose of this, where do you come down on that? I come down on, I don't really care. Okay. But I also think, and full transparency, I was asked to write about this in anticipation of him possibly breaking the record last night. That column never got published. I just just sitting there. It's just sitting there. Maybe it'll run someday. Right now, right now I got 800 Antoine Davis words that have that might never be read by anybody other than me and Marcus Nelson. But sort of what I realized while I was writing about it was there is no way to intelligently write about this or talk about this without just crapping over it. Completely. So if they really do manufacture another game to allow him to get this record under these circumstances, it's just another way to crap on the achievement because. He's now played a 144 college games. He needs three points behind Pete maravich, who set the record in 83 games. This is one 44, maybe about to be one 45. At the very least, if he breaks the record, it will take him a 145 games to do it. So Antoine Davis has a chance to be the all time scoring leader at the division one men's basketball level, but he's nowhere close to the type of score Pete maravich was. Pete marriage marovitch was a 5 time future NBA all star. Whoever 44.2 points per game in three seasons at LSU from 1967 to 19 70. So he did it in three seasons, 83 games. It's what Davis is in his 5th season of college basketball. And that's another thing where the context matters. He's only even in a position to maybe do this because the NCAA gave everybody who played in that 2020 21 season, an extra year of eligibility. So he is in a 5th year. And then the other thing that we're context matters, he did all of the scoring at a mid major program that is 59 and 88 since he enrolled. He also considered a transfer after last season. He visited BYU Georgetown Kansas state, Maryland. If he would have transferred to one of those schools, he wouldn't be anywhere close to this because he wouldn't be asked or even allowed to take 22 shots a game. So the only reason he's in this position is because he's played.

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