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Good dad. Good. Judge. Husband. I think is getting good husband. Thanks, Dan. You helped him a lot going to be better few tonight. A rare bipartisan moment there, Terry, you witness at all on Capitol Hill today, but keeps donnas here Terry. How long are these hearings expected to last and when we actually going to see a vote here, David, the, here's the lasted. The end of the week, the committee will vote on Cavanaugh on September. Twentieth in the full Senate by the end of the month, Republicans have this thing on rails. And right now they've got the votes, David Terry Moran back with us from Capitol Hill tonight. Thank you, Terry. We're gonna move on now to that deadly storm. Gordon slamming ashore. Now moving inland tonight, it will combine forces with another system moving across the country, hurricane force, wind gusts, and a powerful storm surge, battering dolphin island. That's an Alabama, ripping apart buildings that storm now tropical depression at this hour and it's destructive force is on the move across several states ABC's Victor kendo from the storm zone. Tonight. Tonight Gordon dead and marching inland ringing, heavy rain in dangerous, rush flooding in Alabama, a direct hit two dolphin island, making official landfall in Mississippi as tropical storm. At ten fifteen pm Tuesday, the data here up to buy feet of storm surge. Rochas wings, ripping buildings apart and hurling debris Gordon's destruction visible at daybreak tens of thousands losing power in the region..

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