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At the lakers wind clippers. Lose you distance yourself. A little bit and lakers right. Now in the sixth spot will jump up to the number five spot ahead of the dallas mavericks and then that would set up a number three versus number six between denver and dallas. But i don't know man it's going to. It's going to be so complicated trying to figure out all of this stuff gonna be crazy. Let's go to the ice shall we. The colorado avalanche. We're looking for their fourth straight win against the san jose chartres. But they didn't get it. They had a two zero lead over the san jose sharks in the second period and they blow that to lead and lose three two to san jose. Finally finally breaks through an end. The avs three game winning streak. Well it gets tough to beat a team ford four four games in a row but yet the avs looked like they could absolutely do it now. Thirty four and thirteen on the four points back from vegas in that west western division seething and close the gap on that. They're back in action against the la kings la kings tomorrow at eight o'clock so late one there the colorado rockies If they would start scoring an spreading out a little bit more. I guess it might help a little bit. But i suppose you don't care as long as you're getting wins in lasts The last two games. They've had they've gotten wins. It's just been fascinating to watch him do it. John gray gets the win the rockies go down to zero the put up another six spot in the bottom of the fourth inning. Six runs in the bottom of the fourth. Okay well that's pretty good. Start six to well then the giants tack on two more in the seventh at six forty to get a little nervous. They tack on another one in the top of the ninth so at six five and the rockies hold on move their twelve and nineteen on the year one two out of the last three. They take the series from the giants. But this two games that are also where they've had six runs up in one inning and not a whole lot else so. This is a streaky team. But when they hit. I mean they can. They can put up big big numbers. It was It was interesting for a fourth inning. They score all those. So they got the the basis Bases loaded charlie blackmon singles to senator garrett hamson trevor stories. Scores brand with man moves after third. Then they get the bases loaded again. They draw walk. Didn't john gray singles the center. He gets an rbi tapioca singles to center. It was just kinda those a little bit of a small ball game and the colorado rockies again twelve and nineteen but they've taken two or three from the giants john gray. How about this four two. On the year six innings pitched to earn runs eight strikeouts for the wolf of blake street in the colorado rockies They advance And take series from the giants. It was a weird series high-scoring series. But now you turn your attention to tomorrow at six fifteen take on the saint louis cardinals and you gotta go. See your ex girlfriend. You're going to bump into her. You're going to bump into your ex girlfriend at the ballpark tomorrow. As they take on nolan air not oh and his new team the saint louis cardinals Fascinating i'm intrigued to see what happens here boston. Commerce going for the iraqis as well. That's who got in return for her for no one air not oh uh to for two and three on the air. Five point nine. Era not great. They're going to against jack flirty. Five and on the year for thirty nolan. Aaron auto in the saint. Louis cardinals eighteen thirteen on the year. Nolan's leading the team in. Rbi's with twenty two batting to seventy seven so he hasn't been spectacular by any measure. But it's going to be it's going to be. I'll be honest. I i don't i haven't watched a game That saint louis has been involved in. Because i i can't bring myself to do it ryan i can't bring myself to do it Want to touch on this again. And hey maybe. I'm just fueling a putting some fuel on the fire but why not. Everybody else is talking about it. I'd like to as well. Aaron rodgers kuti becoming to denver. One report wonder part. That said well what it would take for. The broncos is teddy bridgewater in three first round picks signed deal. Do it right now. Just get it done but now in other reports has john kuhn. Who is a longtime teammate. Of aaron rodgers says that aaron rodgers is conflicted conflict about future with green bay. This article by rob demovsky out of the espn. If anyone understands what aaron rodgers is thinking as he weighs his nfl futures. It might be former green bay. Packers fullback john. Kuhn coon says he has talked with rogers since the news broke last thursday during an appearance wednesday night on. Cbs radio kuhn said he wouldn't disclose the exact details of their conversation. But painted a picture of a quarterback who is evaluating all aspects of the situation and hasn't made up his mind for certain everybody's weighing in on this now right. You're seeing john kuhn he's brett. Farve weighed in on it. You know davante adams is now putting tweets out there devante wide receiver for the green bay packers since he got appreciate what you got while you got it. He also posted a picture of a goat on the edge of a cliff. Some some weird stuff but Now john kuhn jumping in here prefaces gut tells me rogers down the packers bring him to denver baby. I will be the happiest dude. Ever aaron rodgers somehow lands in denver. I don't know if it's going to happen but it would be phenomenal. If does last thing here in the sports world you heard actually heard clear. Carter mentioned it the hockey match last night between the capitals and the rangers. As soon as the puck was dropped three fights broke out. it was phenomenal. Three fights break out and one sec in. That's my type of hockey. The amount of The amount of penalty minutes that were wrapped up in that game. It's crazy. who was an insane amount. So this is Over the tom wilson controversy. That happened washington four. Tom wilson injured new york star. Our team panera. In earlier this week the same building there were six separate fights to start the game. Madison square garden including a line brawl one second after the opening faceoff the capitalist defeated the rangers four to two in a game that ended up with a hundred and forty one penalty minutes fight goodness. That's what i'm talking about. Some more of those. They'll do for the sports world..

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