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In the video Jesse is laughing and playing with her mom. Then she explains that last year her mom got sick. She was diagnosed with cancer, and she died a few weeks later in the video their moms. Twin sister is acting in her place and Pepito me. It was their mom. You ask them to make the video before she died love YouTube like she was the biggest fan. It has six million views so far which is good news for Jesse because YouTube is a brutal popularity contest. When her mom died. She took a break from the channel. And since then she's been struggling to get views. But it seems like a strange way for two young people to grieve Bobby his already seen the danger of this kind of over sharing. It's not necessarily good to get ten thousand comments on every piece of anything you ever put out like you don't need that. That report from Stephanie Hegarty at least five million people are expected to flock to the streets of Manila to witness, the most popular religious event in the Philippines. The possession of the black. Nasa Rini is a long procession of a seventeenth century statue of Jesus from Corinna grandstand to its home in Capito church. Filipino catholics. Consider the image of Jesus to have miraculous powers. Let's cross to the BBC's Howard Johnson. Who? On what isn't the best phone line in the world live from the capital Manila? How is tell us more about this event? It's huge. Yeah. Absolutely massive event as you say around five people starting out the streets to watch the procession start you actually called in Mexico, the sixty century that made its way over to the Philippines. What how in the Catholic church each year procession take place between the grandstand on the Trach normally takes around twenty four hours to wind its way along these tiny pike street, people chart Viva black the Rena I taught by today's people wearing traditional yellow. Which company this event people believe that if they can touch this statue of quite bring prosperity to that Bobby people holding call they white across the statue, you climb on top of people entirely pack street to to get a a fight just the statue fleeting moment. And that's enough for them to make sure that the year had added family will be looks off things go well in allies, and briefly how five million people this bodes, well, I guess for religious leaders in the Philippines. Yeah. This is a deeply religious country. Ninety two percent of the population is Christian eighty one percent of those members of the Catholic church. Let's forget this is a country where it's still illegal to default. I also abortion is legal. The how people debate about whether this event has fanaticism because of the same weekly clambering off sort of playfully fighting with each other to get a touch the statue. But the archbishop cardinal tackle came forward today that this is not this is just a devotion that comes from about. How Johnson in the Philippines? Thank you. An anti immigration MP in Australia is turning her attention away from Muslims and migrants, and is urging the government to pay people to kill came toads, one nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson has written to the prime minister Scott Morrison. Asking him to fund a three month summer. Towed busting pray Graham ecologists, however, say it's a terrible idea that won't work because the despised amphibians breed prolifically from Sydney film, Mercer reports. Pauline Hanson has called for Muslim immigration into Australia to be banned. But now sights set on cane toads, she wants the government to pay the public seven cents for each of these watc- invaders they catch and kill. They could be as many as two hundred million cane toads in Australia. That one of the country's most destructive pests introduced from Hawaii in nineteen thirty five in a disastrous experiments to control Beatles that were eating sugar cane all efforts to stop this spread her failed. That report from Phil Mercer in Sydney. Scientists studying the power of various creatures have found that the tyrannosaurus Rex had nowhere near as powerful a bite. Isn't bird from the Galapagos islands? The researchers used supercomputers to analyze the bites of four hundred thirty four living and dead species, including birds mammals and reptiles and found a Finch has the strongest of all his Terry Eger. So the burden question is the Galapagos large ground Finch. Now, it's fifteen centimeters long weighs thirty three grams, but measure for measure its bite is three hundred twenty times more powerful than that of the Toronto source wrecks, which weighed eight thousand kilograms so while we have this iconic image of the T Rex killing its prey crushing bones. It's only because it was it self so big that it had such a powerful bite. Now research also suggests that our own relatively puny bite is due to human intelligence, evolving, large brain has taken up head space that would otherwise have been filled with. Fight muscles. And of course, once we learned to cook these were even less important because of is easier to swallow so either way by twice not only us, but the tyrannosaurus Rex would stood no chance against the Galapagos Finch and his bark is worse than his bite. That's the newsroom's Terry Egan. The main news US President Donald Trump has demanded funding for his long promised US, Mexico border wall to hold what he called a growing humanitarian and security crisis. You've been listening to the newsroom from the BBC World Service in London..

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