Amy Coney Barrett, Amy Conybeare, West Virginia discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Okay. Let's let's quickly go to the phones. Suzy in West Virginia. I'm glad you waited your turn great to have you here. Thank you. God bless you. Russia altered to talk to you. Thank you so much. I have a comment, and then something personal share. Okay. I listened and watch what I can of these hearings. I sit in can't help to think. What if he would've appointed a woman? What would they have come up with Dan? Trump almost did her name is Amy Coney Barrett. And she will be next. Theoretically, it was a toss up, and it was decided to go to cavenaugh because they thought it would be easier with capital with his record that the Democrats would be loaded for bear against a woman because this Amy Conybeare it when she did her confirmation hearings for her current position on the court, Dianne Feinstein said to her the dogma is thick with you, isn't it. Meaning your Catholic religion, you're Thala systems, really deep in you dogma, Amy Coney Barrett is openly pro-life. Yeah. They would have destroyed her just like they're destroying cavenaugh. They would have found a different angle to take. But make no mistake about it. They would not have gone easy. That's you see that would have pointed out the hang on the break here. Coming up Susie will get back to you. Right after the break, but that's the hypocrisy. They would have destroyed this woman any woman. Taking a look at.

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