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All the California I am fully aware that in this country we we as people see things see things differently but I I'm still hopeful I'm still hopeful that we as a people can come together and even if we have differences you know with their political differences or even differences in what the best side dishes for thanksgiving came we all as a nation agree there watching the Dallas Cowboys lose especially on thanksgiving is is great for the country as a whole or maybe it's just for me either way I love it I love it so much and I could I think of a better way to start off the end of November the beginning of the summer than watching the cowboys continue to not be able to beat a team that's above five hundred hi do we yeah the lions in the cowboys at hold tradition on thanksgiving that's why the tradition do you know when it dates back to given any us leave it dates back to olden times women or men and and little kids worked in coal mines not far from here I mean this is what it's all one first the lines were the first to do it I think it started in the thirties the cowboys came along in nineteen sixty so because the cowboys have become stealing tradition they were able to get in on it somewhere in the mid to late sixties early seventies and it is what it is now we get the the third game which is you know could be anybody rob's remember when it was the the ravens and the Niners that schedule loss for the Niners back was in twenty eleven to twenty twelve I think it's one eleven of twenty eleven I think thanksgiving now with did last this past thanksgiving we got the saints get back on track against the falcons intimidated scored nine points to a couple seasons ago but that that's the explicit if that's what the lines and cowboys want and live the life in the cowboys because nothing I was I was able to fully digest my thanksgiving meal while enjoying the cowboys once again not being able to be a team that's about five hundred they are now all in six to gets against winning teams this year yeah no that's when the their their one five against winning teams they're selling the bills yes six in one now against teams are five hundred or worse alkaloids is six and six only there will one day live okay yeah you know what that that's really the way to put a I like that they beat up on lesser foes awards and six in the in the F. C. leased and in Philadelphia the eagles alike we think out loud but we got a chance baby we got a chance Niners cowboys may be you know if the Niners of the wild card get ready for the NFC east are the energies the NC west non winner whether it's the Niners or Seattle opening the wild card weekend in more likely either Dallas or Philly okay because those will be division winners and the what do you mean I was a little young to be a wild card spare the Niners Mr the Seahawks neither one of those things I'm not either I first of all Philly Philly couldn't couldn't put of the Miami Dolphins away with a fourteen point lead in the fourth quarter Philly secondary yes hello yes Philly and then Philly has no weapons they I mean they they lost Sean Jackson it's like they're slow when whence is just not a vote not improved and then Dallas I love you so this number but Dallas is one six this year with a score fewer than thirty points so in other words their defense saying all that great they don't take the ball away in saying that you don't have a pass rush they're not that you know they got chaff heath and they're set in their secondary he's picked on every single week they're just not that I live with a pick on Jeff heath is all why would an NFL team pick on Jeff he safety for the Dallas Cowboys I just can't quite put my finger on why a team would pick on Jeff he safety of the Dallas Cowboys let me do some research and maybe maybe one day I'll figure out or disease why Jeff heath of the Dallas Cowboys is thought of as a mark St turmoil he is posing as an officer from what I've heard right he is a regular I could know people cover the cowboys is a favorite Jerry Jones all really is a little favorites are when I find it all he wants yes now man you are spreading lies and misinformation Larry I looks like she by the way of John legend I got into this last night on the ESPN show the list of NFL coaches who suddenly are very much on the hot seat has suddenly grown this is a list Matt Patricia in Detroit okay rendus they've been horrendous to share our Ron Rivera they would say four straight losses may you lost a residence that's a fireball offense you could be out Doug Marone hate to say it Jacksonville looking in Ogden the number one yeah general just fires off into a corner defied somebody a few weeks ago today thanks but am I make it up but I've been you know maybe I'm making that up yeah okay their bodies he says Conor is cut their body in Jacksonville seriously will you know leave that somebody leave the low turn off the lights on the way out so Doug Marone Ron Rivera map Patricia all probably gone Dan Quinn in Atlanta had been on the hot seat all year project on probably gun I hate to say it but possibly Anthony Lynn with the Chargers so I think it's a pretty good football coach at the charges are forty you want to talk about mismanaging late game situations the question three lane is really good at mismanaging Wednesday so yeah I was gonna take some responsibility as well they got a great running back as if Melvin Gordon in seinem forever when they finally got him up to speed they were already out of the playoff picture you know some in solving complex because going to take some heat there Jay Gruden's already out bill Callahan is the interim he probably will not be the Redskins head coach is a report today that Bruce Allen the former raider exact is now with Washington that he is being evaluated by Daniel Schneider so maybe quick clean sweep with Callahan and she and Alan out in DC Freddie kitchens we cuddle if you caught a whiff of Freddie kitchens recently with his tee shirt wearing acts over the weekend and the Browns in their commercials in there leading the NFL in penalty rounders be around in six eight that's what they do J. some ground season Garrett spot is hot and may be a guy who maybe survives is Pat Shurmur but the New York Giants or two in ten to one ten so that's and in the end they got sick one Barkley the got some talent so I'm just saying you may see eight nine maybe more maybe double digits you may see what they call that the the final last Monday black Monday the for the final Monday after the regular season you heads are gonna roll heads are gonna roll and and not only that the heck we will talk about college Chris Peterson today step still you SFR Charlie strong all missed up Matt Luke Texas fired both their coordinator we met Luke has a a buyout in this contract former Ole miss head coach of about twelve to fifteen million dollars yeah man this call is coach buyouts are if we're being paid it be a lot funnier that it actually is yeah Matt move somebody didn't hear of until you've heard that met Luke is now the former head coach of Mississippi football as a buy out between two old fifty million dollars well look I was touting it last week as I we're gonna watch the egg Borman watch the egg bowl Mississippi Mississippi state and I did watch the eight ball and I forget the guy's name and his last it was more for Ole miss they score a touchdown at the end of the game he pulls the D. K. Metcalf celebration where he crawled on the ground like a dog and then raised his leg like he was going to urinate that incurred a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike penalty which was penalized on the P. A. T. which was then missed in Mississippi state's winds up winning the eight ball by a single point and now all Mrs coaches gods out well he'll be okay yeah yeah well I fifteen million dollar buyout met looking missile meals any already is that a guy who's missing meals that's incredible man I mean seriously I will I was watching the game was great came back and forth all kinds athletes great plays this and that you make the biggest play in your rivalry game and then you pull that and then also the mean that guy he's he's not expecting okay I'm gonna get a penalty and if he is really expecting that the penalty is going to make them lose the game you've got to expect that man well you got it listen man if you don't pull the old dog taken away is in the end zone trick you got it you got expected somebody says about that I think that didn't do bad that could possibly do to penalize and I could possibly come back to hurt your team then you're just not paying attention I think I tweeted a little Hey man if you fake gotta go you fake gotta go I mean if you really want to impress we do real thank right if you really about that life no fake he real peace by the way your team be my favorite team I'm a and M. fan rob of course went to Ellis I don't hold that against you that was the beat down it seems to think you're busy Zack but I didn't expect that I mean you I was I thought a in a way and a little bit in fact a couple of our I think I think Phil Steele didn't didn't fill say go with him yeah and take the point so I mean not that one surprise but it's it's a different brain LSU football right now they are not not messing around and they understand as well due to secure your team and now you know as we get closer to the final college football playoff rankings we have one more limiter sort of rankings a to go tomorrow but does your sense of style points and how you look is now kind of a part of the deal since they said and number two Ohio state rightfully so in my mind I thought before the Michigan game game definitely after the Michigan game Ohio state belongs up there but how you look in these games against opponents that are are not terrible but you're clearly superior then these teams are under the impression that matters to the committee so you know the days of of Ellis you kind of just taking it easy and grinding out a win not just their best who they all right now first and foremost and to a certain extent you can you can afford to do that right now yeah burrows can win the Heisman that's in the back the haze in the battle Barnett wonder in the barn whatever the saying is but L. issue so we so we know what's going to be Ellis you I mean in LA she's gonna be George okay I saw Georgia this we can George defense really good but Georgia tech is horrendous L. she's gonna be Georgia so that's gonna kick Georgia on the four hole so it's gonna be L. issue can be Ohio state can be Clemson Clemson's actually ripping people by thirty their quarterback Lawrence is playing great ball right now so those three teams are gonna be it who is going to be one cell issue beats Florida on Saturday who is going to be the the the fourth team in the playoffs well it to me it depends on what the committee thinks of the pac twelve I mean it kind of becomes a referendum on the.

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