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Here on Kate. N s s. Pick nine per Butler tonight at home as they win at twenty two to nothing over coffee Ville boy lot of choices for player of the game. So first of all as you consider the offense. Trey self the quarterback. He had a touchdown pass to Israel Watson. Then there was there were rushing touchdowns by Vickers Mickael Caesar Tyler zentner had set a great game as a putter. He also had a field goal. But I think if you're really going to talk about player of the game it's got to go to the defensive side of the ball and the grizzlies registered their first shutout since two thousand fifteen tonight over a coffee Ville team that had been absolutely explosive. They have been averaging four hundred nineteen yards on offense, averaging thirty four points and tonight in Eldorado coffee. Bill is shut down. So we will give our player of the game collectively to the Butler grizzly defense. Congratulations to them. And if you think you have what it takes to join the world's finest visit marine. Dot com. That's marines dot com. And again, the Butler defense collectively is our US marines player of the game twenty to nothing Butler over coffee Ville, we'll be back to.

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