Nancy Pelosi, Bob Muller, Judiciary Committee discussed on Houston's Morning News


Stops neither do we be glad to know this is news radio seven Katie our age yeah so the leaked memo from manta from my Nancy Pelosi to a congressional Democrats who are gonna be questioning Bob Muller today in the Judiciary Committee and the Intel committee she sent a six page report to them so that they would all be on the same page and they were all repeat the same talking points reporter Samantha Jo Roth tweeted this out late last night the talking points from pelo C. six pages of them blame Russia saying quote the Russian government attack to the U. S. elections and trump in his campaign welcome to and sought Russia's help to win that's going to be the talking point from the Democrats they're going to launch their questions into Robert Muller with the predicate that the trump campaign did indeed collude and seek Russia's help to win that election which is exactly the opposite of what the written Muller reports said so they're going to try to literally sit there before Bob Mahler and tell him his report what is wrong and get him to acknowledge and admit his report is wrong that's why that memo that I told you about moments ago is so important the memo that Attorney General William Barr sent to Bob Muller saying you will come find your answers to the four corners of your written report which William are excuse me up Bob Muller requested because he does not want to have to go outside the boundaries of that report and that's exactly what the Democrats are a planned it to get him to do Adam Schiff has made a statement saying we will absolutely not limit our questions and demand answers that are within the boundaries of that report Adam Schiff is said we don't recognize the D. O. J.'s authority on this telling MSNBC yesterday quotes we don't recognize that limit limitation at all and what's more they don't recognize that limitation they say it's well established DOJ policy that the prosecutor can't talk about this or the department doesn't comment on people not indicted tell that to build bar if the Attorney General ignores the OJ policy then how does he have any right to ask Bob Muller or anyone else about anyone else to follow this policy when it's not a policy at all so the Democrats plan to ask Bob Muller to say things that he has not already said in his report and to this is where it becomes very very dangerous ground today to speculate they're gonna ask Bob Muller not to speak in the facts they be uncovered and put in his report but to speculate as to whether or not Donald Trump may have tried to obstruct so this is not testimony this is just gossip that what that's well said that's very well said yes that's that's that's precisely what it sounds like Mahler only wants that's why did want to be there today he knew what this was going to be he knew full well the Democrats are going to try to get him to change his report to say something publicly in this testimony that is a little bit different than what is reported in essentially that would invalidate the report if you share the goal here is clear if they have the report that says one thing that was submitted to the DOJ by the special counsel the final in full report but then he contradicts that report in any way when he gets trapped in questioning by the Democrats then that will be thrown into flocks now we have public statements to say one thing a public report that says another thing that means we can't trust any of and guess what that means they get to start all over they could start all over and say now we have new questions about pollution it isn't a Donald Trump wasn't clear after all because the man who wrote the report isn't sure we got him to say he wasn't sure in some question or another during this thing so yes it's gossip it's a show trial and it's going to be an attempt to trap Bob Muller into saying something a little bit different than what the written report says that's why Muller demi end date or not demanded the requested from Bob bill bar that letter that says you can't say anything you didn't say in the report because he doesn't want to have that conflict there the to be a public statement may Hey Bob from from the wrist written statement yes another take on this though this also opens the door to let Republicans ask anything they want yes it does now a if if Dick only to the report then what kind of questions to the Republicans acid didn't pertain to what's already there in the report so why not do it for them to yeah it does but I think the Republicans are perfectly happy to stick to the report because the report cleared the president the report cleared the president on collusion and did not have anything that was enough to charge or indict the president with a common instruction so the president the Republicans would be perfectly happy to just repeat the report president's clear president's team is clear let's move on and get on with the business of running the country so it's going to be explosive I really believe that it's five twenty eight my apologies Cordy.

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